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International etiquette is a vital ingredient of every successful expat experience. As an expat, you need a basic understanding of the culture you are about to do business in or with. We have put together a small guide to help you get those international etiquette rules right from the beginning!
International Etiquette: Avoid Embarrassment
Even tiny mistakes in international etiquette can have a negative effect on your career. They may be interpreted as a significant lack of manners and can put an abrupt end to your business abroad. To your business partners, you will appear uninformed or downright rude, and you might jeopardize your business deal if you do not take the time to research social customs and international etiquette beforehand.

International Etiquette: Personal Space
Respecting other people’s personal space is a crucial aspect of international etiquette, even in business. It is important to keep in mind that there are significant differences between cultures and also between genders which are reflected in the international etiquette rules for the respective countries.
Although it is almost impossible to go wrong with a handshake, it’s always a good idea to hold back when in doubt. By observing your environment closely, you will learn quickly where people draw the line between cordiality and intrusiveness. You need to learn not to cross that line.
You may notice that in some cultures men are very touchy-feely with each other. Hugs may be a regular way of greeting business partners and colleagues. However, for a man to greet female colleagues or contacts in the same way could be a huge faux pas.

International Etiquette: Business Cards
In most Western countries, business cards serve a purely informational purpose. It is acceptable to bend them, fold them, shove them in your pocket or use them to jot down some notes or a private phone...

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