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Edrian T. Gaspar
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
ESL 105/106
Professor: Michael Pekarofski
Out of Class Essay The American Society has been criticized as being two materialistic they say that American people care too much about their children and doesn’t teach them the important things on life such as loving and take care with their family. I think that Hwangs parents were good parents in terms of their hard sacrifice that they make to their daughter by sending her to another country. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that Ms. Hwang can grow up and move her life to one of the greatest opportunity across the nation. Hwangs parents did not regret by taking her to America they know that if they will bring her to another country and become a layer they have confidence that she can make it in terms of her young age. I think it is a good feeling that Hwang did go to school and pursue her career. As a matter of fact she ended up of being a writer none of this would happen if she didn’t believe in herself that she can make it but in the end she did. Her parents were good parents but what confuses her was the fact that she doesn’t speak Korean in most cases Korean people doesn’t speak English as their first language most of them are immigrants. If I have the opportunity to be in Hwangs situation I would probably take seminars in Korean class or school that teach native language. It is hard for her because it is not her second language I understand that it is hard for people to talk if they don’t know many languages. I think her parents left her unjustified or with no answers If they know that their daughter will suffer the consequence on not be able to talk in different language then that will probably take under consideration. It’s not good at all because if we think that people has no other option on talking to someone, having a conversation, say something, then that is really a big problem. It is really an advantage if you know different language I myself can speak 5 different languages so I don’t have problems interpreting and joining other people culture while having a conversation. In reality it is really an important task that we know how to speak correctly some people cannot.
But being as a native person or an immigrant it is important to understand different culture it is by culture that each and every person speaks differently. There are many ways that we can talk to other people one is by learning with them and being a friend with someone. I remember before that whenever you talk in a different language you seem to get stuck in your own words this is how people cannot understand each other. When I was in my country I speak 1 language and when I go to their places I speak 3 language then when I am already here in America I speak 4 language. What I think about the essay was that Caroline Hwang story was picturing about a daughter on how she grew up as a matured woman. By analyzing her story she says that each of us has their own will. We have been given a freedom to speak and we as a person has the right thing to do about in terms of being a good child or children on Hwangs story she explain that we know who we are she just want to make a point that we know ourselves in how we grow up as a respectful or a nice person. Thinking about it she is right from telling this kind of things because in every persons ego we have our own intentions of knowing the truth and it will be a lesson that we will carry it from the rest of our lives. In my conclusion I think that it depends on the person whether or not we are good parents to our children. Because of what we think is right to our children or for everybody doesn’t mean that we make a choice it is other persons point of view on how they make things right. We can come to a conclusion saying this is right and that is wrong but in the end what really matters is that we state in our own opinion and that is how I see things that respect other person cultures.

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