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In 1991 during a chance meeting at Union Station I met my wife and the thing that is unique about that is that I prayed for a wife. Even when I was in the Marines I asked God to send me a Godly woman; someone just for me that I could create a family with. I wanted and needed someone who would understand me as well as help me to grow in life and in God. Again, I had to thank God for answering my prayers. I will admit that my marriage is not perfect: it is tough at times and I have to work at it daily. However, I can tell you that when I think about my wife and the journey that we have traveled together I can truly say that God sent her to me. My wife is a friend and my guardian angel. I am forever in His debt for blessing my life with an awesome helpmate. After meeting her I curtailed the use of alcohol thanks to my wife pointing out how out of control I was. The intervention of my wife made it unnecessary to need sessions with Iyanla Vanzant who majors in fixing out of control lives. Do to the assistance of …show more content…
Washington, MD and later Union Bethel AME Church in Brandywine, Maryland under the leadership of then pastor, now Bishop Harry L. Seawright. It was under the leadership of Bishop Seawright that I received my call to ministry after serving on the Steward Board and Coordinator of Prison Ministry for some six years. In 1999, I fearfully accepted my call to the itinerant ministry. It was not an easy decision and it is one that I struggled with for a long time. After a lengthy conversation with Pastor Seawright later that year I was licensed to preach. I had problems early on in ministry because I never fully let go of a few of the bad habits I acquired growing up in the dysfunctional I was raised up in, but thanks be to God that each year I have seen and I continue to see improvement and growth which means that God is still in my corner. Not only is God in my corner but God is also not through with me

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