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Young Entrepreneur’s

Business Plan Competition

2013 Guidelines

Marty Strong

The Young Entrepreneurs’ Business Plan Competition is sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Advancement Center and businesses throughout the area. The competition provides participants with an opportunity to develop and present a business plan to start a new business or to offer a new product or service within an existing business. Entrepreneurial business ideas are strongly encouraged. Participants will prepare a written business plan based on research and will request financing for the plan through a role-play interview.

Eligibility • Any student attending high school may enter this competition.

General Requirements • The competition will be completed in two parts: the written business plan and a presentation of the plan. • There will be two rounds. The preliminary round will be held at individual high schools. The final round will be held for the top winners from each participating high school. • The competition will be divided into two divisions: an individual division and a team division. Teams may consist of up to three students. • Students may compete in only one division and may enter the competition once per school year. • The “most original” business plan idea will receive additional recognition in the preliminary round at each school and in the final round.

Important Dates • Students must register for the competition by the date determined for their school. If you are not enrolled in a high school entrepreneurship class, contact Cathy Langlois at • Each individual school will arrange their preliminary round. • The top two teams and the top two individuals from each school will advance to the final competition. • The final competition will be held in early January.

Written Business Plan Requirements

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