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European Imperolism

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European Imperialism Précis

The first document reasons about the expansion of the Europeans in East Africa. Capt. F.

D. Lugard builds his case by declaring that the European colonies should always strive to go

forward. He felt that is was a catastrophe to watch other nation’s progress in areas that they

could easily do themselves, especially in dealing with the natives in East Africa. He even

mentioned that they should focus on the “now” as well as the “next,” as it pertained to colonial


He also states that any initial expense incurred from this much needed movement and

mindset, would easily be offset in the future by what was to be gained.

Then he goes into missions and the effect and role that they play in colonial expansion.

He felt that the most important of these missions, were those in the field of medicine and

industry. Medicine, which was now being monopolized by the “medicine man,” was at best

primitive in knowledge and development. The medicine missionary would be operating at an

advantage from the onset. Being that the Europeans were so much more advanced in this field, it

would be easy for to assert their superiority in the field and win over the populous. This would

also lead to the spread of the European teachings of Christianity. The medicine missionary

would also have access to areas via his virtue of his art. The missionary’s advisement and

counsel would easily begin to replace that which was previously retarded by the magic and

witchcraft of previous practices.

In terms of industry, the Europeans would be able to introduce new ways of doing things

to the natives to their benefit.

Schools should be established for children, because the older generation is immovable to

their customs and prejudices. Because of this, both religious and...

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