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European Integration Report

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Content Content 0 1. Introduction 1 2. History 1 3. Reason for the Large Scale of Immigration 3 4. Policy and Regulation 4 5. Problems 7 5.1. Illegal Immigration 7 5.2. Religious and Cultural Conflicts among Immigrants and Natives 9 5.3. Social Unrest 11 5.4. Affecting the Education System 12 6. Solutions 14 7. Concession 17 7.1. Alleviate the Pressure of Aging Problem in EU 17 7.2. Boost the economy in Europe 18 8. Conclusion 19 9. Bibliography 19

1. Introduction
The issue of immigration has been the hot debated topic in the European Union for a long time. And there is obvious evidence that the upsurge of immigration into the Europe will not be calmed down within a short time.
The European Union has developed its competences in the fields of policies and regulations regarding the immigration issue. But the problems still exist and more things need to be done for creating a better balance.
The report will first quickly go over the history of human migration and reasons for the recent large scale of immigration into Europe will be analyzed. After, the policies and regulations implemented by nations of Europe and the European Union will be introduced before going deep into the problems brought up by immigration. Then some solutions as to how to settle the current problems will be provided and concessions will be made to maintain a balanced and objective knowledge of the influences of immigration. 2. History
While there is no doubt that migration has been there for hundreds of thousands of years, it would be a mistake to argue that migration as it is practiced or experienced today is exactly the same as it has been throughout the history. Academically speaking, the development of human migration could be dated back to prehistory. It is widely accepted by historians and anthropologies that the development of...

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