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Evaluate and Explain the Limitations of a Range of Sources of Information Both Primary and Secondary, for Small Scale Public Services Projects.

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Evaluate and explain the limitations of a range of sources of information both primary and secondary, for small scale public services projects.

The source's used in the collection of data for a research project or investigation are of vital importance. Characterised as primary and secondary, a good range will provide more information needed to aid decision making. However it is important to note that it can some time's be difficult to distinguish whether the information is primary or secondary. In this essay point's will be made regarding the advantage's and disadvantage's of a number of sources both primary and secondary. Their limitations will be addressed, and an explanation of how data collected during research can help in the decision making process and help organisation's meet their objective's. Ethics will be considered throughout. The actual, origanal or physical materials used in the study of an object, person or particular event in time are known as sources. They are paramount to investigation and are commonly known as primary and secondary sources. A primary source is a physical object or first hand testimony created during the time under-study, an example could be a diary, a piece of writing or photograph. These sources are unique and one of a kind, and could be a copy of the original if they existed during the time of creation. ''Primary research involves the study of a subject through first hand observation and investigation.'' Dawson, (2007,47). Primary sources are great for research because they can contain unconcealed evidence recorded at the time of the event thus eliminating bias. As a result primary source's are considered to be of much greater importance, superior to secondary, however availibilty can be an issue.
A secondary source is a piece of information or a recording that relates to research formed from the original creation of…...

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