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Evaluate Followership at W. L. Gore & Associates. What Company Actions and/or Policies Account for the Quality of Followership


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Creative Polo- Marketing Plan


Jose Figueroa, CEO

I. Mission Statement
It is the mission of Creative Polo to provide casual clothing with creativity at an affordable price to our customers, while maintaining a competitive style in comparison to our competitors.

II. Year 2 Recap
Year 2 was successful for Creative Polo, but there are still some things we can improve to assure that we stay competitive within our market. We meet all of our goals set for years 2 expect one goal, which was to pay off our long-term debt. Although we did not reach our goal of paying off our long-term debt, this goal will be shortly accomplishing in year 3 quarter 2. On the contrary we as a company did meet our goals of increasing market share & increasing the reputation of our brand. Although reputation is not something that can be measured, our sales have increased greatly. One can infer that as sales increase our reputation would increase as well.

III. Marketing Strategy

A. Pricing Strategy
One of our main goals here at Creative Polo is to provide casual clothing with creativity at an affordable price. In staying faithful with our mission statement, we have maintained a competitive price across each quarter. According to our current market research the average price for a shirt is $20.83 and the average price for a pair of pants is $20.83. Creative Polo currently is selling shirts for $21.00 & and a pair of pants for $31.00. Creative Polo is $0.17 above average in comparison to the markets prices both in tops and shirts. We are confident that our current price allows us to remain competitive with our competitors, which aligns with our mission statement.

B. Promotion Strategy
Since the beginning of year one, Creative Polo has invested heavily in promotions and advertising. We have increased our promotions by 10k from year 1

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