Evaluating the Research Process

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Evaluating the Research Process Week 4
Allison Valentino
HCS 465
September 3, 2012
Dr. Ajit Narang

Evaluating the Research Process

➢ Explain the research process used in the study

Research process was to determine if Japan hospital organizations experienced any incidence of adverse drug events and medication errors. If so, why were these errors happening and how to does the data compare to other countries in the surrounding areas in addition to the United States. Two physicians were involved to determine the incidents. Data was gathered from Western countries but not world wide. Another reason to do the research was the increase in patient safety.

➢ How is the literature review used in the research?

Literature/data was retrieved from other Western countries and the United States. Comparison with JADE study (Japan Adverse Drug Events) done by Bates DW in 1995 as well as including the research done for global patient safety also done by Bates DW in 1995.

➢ What are the ethical considerations for data collection?

Data was gathered from several different subject selections (ages and genders); appropriate staff was involved (physicians who were qualified); names were kept anonymous to protect patient confidentiality; staff was aware of the research

➢ What is the data telling us in terms of statistical analysis?

The data concluded that the different hospital units had different incidences of adverse drug events and medication errors. Data also determined the patient’s length of stay as an inpatient would also increase the chances of medicine errors.

➢ Which statistical methods were used in the study?

Sample survey and inferential…...