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GROUP PROJECT Joe & Sugars Cafe: Evaluation of CRM/POS Systems for Implementation Lindsay Crigler, Gracie Flyg Brooke Hewitt, Katie Keeney, and Grace McCrary BA 550 ­ Management Information Systems December 7th, 2014


GROUP PROJECT Abstract Advancements in point of sale technologies are making it easier than ever to run a business. Traditional systems complete orders and payments from a standalone terminal, however POS today's POS systems can do multiple useful things. Examples of the POS’ services includes processing credit cards, and using mobile devices to transmit sales data to other software a business already uses. Many POS systems now come with built­in customer relationship management (CRM) features. These advances in technology allow business owners to perform operations like inputting customer information, creating sales reports, and updating customer databases in the cloud with ease. Businesses can save time and money, and grow as a company


by using POS data to build solid relationships and deliver the best customer experience possible. This analysis and evaluation of POS & CRM systems is for Joe & Sugars Cafe in La Grande, Oregon. The evaluation will examine the existing system, compare two possibilities of new operating systems, and give a recommendation based on the analysis.

GROUP PROJECT Joe & Sugars Cafe is a coffee shop located in La Grande, Oregon on what is called the “Main Street” section of town, with antique shops and small business surrounding it. The restaurant is open to customers serving a full­service breakfast from 7­11 and lunch from 11­3. While offering a daily lunch special, catering and cakes; Joe & Sugars Cafe’s specialties are coffee, tea, cappuccino, and homemade cookies and brownies. Although they are a successful,


operating business already, Joe & Sugars Cafe is looking to modernize and grow in order to keep up with today’s advancing technology. The restaurant is looking to keep the customers happy and prices current, while still keeping their goods handmade. Joe & Sugars Cafe is open to considering options in obtaining a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system and/or a Point of Sale (POS) system. As one of the foremost coffee shops in the La Grande area, Joe & Sugars Cafe is just a quick drive or walk downtown for most people. There are other coffee and food shops in the area, but Joe & Sugars Cafe prides themselves on serving fresh, homemade food. The restaurant believes in serving a perfect product at a very reasonable price, knowing that the customer is getting exactly what they wanted. The cafe’s closest competitor, Joe Beans, is down the road but does not offer the same menu of items. Joe & Sugars Cafe has the fear that customers believe Joe Beans is a direct competitor, when in reality the businesses are very different. By implementing a tracking system, Wayla Chadwick the business owner, could spend more time diversifying her business. La Grande is estimated to have a population of 13,074 residents and 29.6% of those residents are 18 years old or younger. Union County also is estimated to have 25,652 residents



with 28.1% of those residents being under 18. Based on these numbers that were provided by the United States Census Bureau, this leaves Joe & Sugars Cafe with 9,205 potential customers in La Grande and 18,444 in all of Union county, assuming that most children and teens under 18 do not regularly consume coffee. With no signs of coffee purchases slowing down, these numbers leave a great market for Joe & Sugars Cafe to rely on. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) reports that 40% of 18­24 year olds are drinking coffee each day, 54% of adults age 25­39 reported drinking coffee each day, 75% of U.S. adults drink coffee, 58% drinking coffee daily. The requests that Chadwick has made in regards to her business and what improvements she would like to see are reasonable and would really contribute to the overall good of the business. In regards to employees, Chadwick would like to see the system track time sheets and calculate wages, and then report these to the accountant. Marketing is also a huge aspect that she would like to have accomplished with a new CRM/POS system. Chadwick would like to have a marketing system that is keeping customers up­to­date on new products, specials, and events, requiring a minimum amount of extra effort on her part. The last and most important pieces that Wayla Chadwick is looking for in a POS are that the new system is able to report the tracking sales, show cost of goods sold, and show whether the goods are worth carrying continually. Joe & Sugars Cafe currently does not utilize the benefits of an information system in the restaurant. The cafe has created a personal system through trial and error, which although not technologically based, has worked for many years. Joe & Sugars Cafe writes all orders by hand with pen and paper, which are then hand­delivered by the waitress/waiter to the kitchen. As customers finish meals, the order form is used as a receipt and is dropped off at tables to later be

GROUP PROJECT collected with payment. Payments are processed through a push button cash register located at the front of the restaurant. Joe & Sugars Cafe orders their products from Sysco­­ a restaurant­support company. All orders for food and other restaurant products are completed by the owner, Chadwick, by way of Sysco ordering sheets. Chadwick keeps a record of what and how much she uses each week so that she knows what needs to be ordered ahead of time. The article “The Information Systems and Information Management Needs of a Small Business or


Organization” states that a business needs “accounting systems, inventory management, payment processing, and communication” (Ingram, 2014, para. 2­5) in regards to use of an information system. Accounting systems are an important feature for an information system in a small business because is it important to know the inflow and outflow of finances. Important finances include money coming in from customers, spending on food, and taxes. Joe & Sugars Cafe currently uses a push button cash register to process payments. While push button cash registers are able to determine the end of day totals, Joe & Sugars Cafe lacks the ability to keep a running total on expenditures and sales. More advanced technology would be a valuable tool as it could help Joe & Sugars Cafe to determine hours of increased sales, or possibly overspending in an area. In a situation where a financial decision for Joe & Sugars Cafe must be made, the proper technology and data is necessary to determine the best possible choice for the company. Inventory management is of key importance for small businesses because goods are continuously needed with fluctuations in quantities. Wayla Chadwick at Joe & Sugars Cafe currently keeps track of her own inventory. The stores food provider, Sysco, provides Chadwick with ordering sheets each week, which she uses to keep track of her supplies. The



implementation of an information system that keeps track of inventory and produces information directly to the provider will save time in counting inventory and preparing orders for Sysco at Joe & Sugars Cafe. A new IS could also meet the need for Joe & Sugars Cafe in tracking shipments that are coming in. Payment processing for small businesses must be efficient and secure. As mentioned earlier, Joe & Sugars Cafe uses a push­button cash register to process all transactions. The Cafe also has a debit/credit card machine for customers wishing to use an alternate form of payment. Implementing an information system to an electronic register that regulates payments and keeps a running balance for day totals would minimize the possibility of unbalanced funds for Joe & Sugars Cafe. For example, a system that can keep track of which tables have paid their bill and which have not could be a great help to the company. Other potential benefits to a payment processing system are to monitor theft by employees and daily totals in regards to food and supplies. Communication is a key factor in all business processes. Only having four to six employees at a given time, Joe & Sugars Cafe must maintain clear communication lines to one another. Information is transferred from waitresses/waiters to the kitchen through written paper form. The process of communication takes time: walking to the kitchen, possibly coming back for any questions from the cook, and then back out to the restaurant for new orders. The Cafe’s communication process is not efficient in regards to time and accuracy. Simply using pen and paper to write down orders prevents in­depth ordering preferences and recipe changes for customers. For example, if a customer has dietary needs, a waitress may miss a specification because she is writing the order by hand. Another potential communication problem Joe &



Sugars Cafe faces is created by their lack of technology. The restaurant location lacks any use of technology on the premises, with only one computer for business­use located at Chadwick’s home. Communication through technology can be a benefit to small businesses because it provides the ability to communicate with both providers and customers. Joe & Sugars Cafe feels that their strengths as a restaurant includes knowing their products well, knowing what goes into every recipe, and creating a hometown restaurant feel for customers. Chadwick proudly knows the ingredients in every recipe, as she is the main cook. Seeing that Joe & Sugars Cafe only offers fresh food, the company does not order any pre­made food from Sysco. In fact, when Sysco comes to offer new products, they already know not to bring anything pre­made to show Chadwick. When searching for an information system, Joe & Sugars Cafe needs something that will not change their local, homemade food restaurant feel. Joe & Sugars Cafe focuses greatly on their relationship with the customers and the way people feel when dining at the restaurant. Chadwick knows that the current system at Joe & Sugars Cafe is not sufficient, and has welcomed the idea of becoming a more efficient restaurant through the use of an information system. To not overwhelm the small business, a system that is developed in phases is recommended. Joe & Sugars Cafe needs a system that is willing to slowly implement changes and processes, as to not throw off local business and regular customers. With a low number of employees, the Joe & Sugars Cafe staff will be able to learn each phase separately and continue to make changes as they feel comfortable. For the information system search, we must find something financially comfortable for Joe & Sugars Cafe. Although Chadwick does not have a set amount she wishes to spend on a new system, a small business

GROUP PROJECT must have a realistic cost. Seeing this, two options are given to Chadwick and the Joe & Sugars Cafe team for them to evaluate the differences in cost and benefits. Wayla Chadwick feels that Joe & Sugar’s weaknesses are speed of food production/delivery and lack of space. Cooking on a four burner stove top, Chadwick admitted


that some foods take longer to cook than others, and the amount of space at times can be an issue when the restaurant is busy. Although an information system will not assist in the space weakness, implementing a system will make the restaurant more efficient in regards to speed. It is recommended that a system involve technology communication that transmits orders from waitresses/waiters to the kitchen electronically. By implementing technology communication, employees do not have to take time between each table of customers to deliver an order to the kitchen. Joe & Sugar’s needs an updated system that will not only act as a register, but track inventory, make orders, connect with customers, and so much more. Leapset is a point­of­sale (POS) information system that is partnered with the restaurant­support company, Sysco. Joe & Sugars Cafe is already using Sysco as the company they order their food from, so making the transition to using Leapset would be easy and beneficial to the company. “Leapset’s Restaurant Operating System uses the latest technology to help you run your business and connect with mobile customers. Each product and app is tailored to help boost sales, save money and increase control” (Leapset, 2014). Leapset aims to assist restaurants in increasing sales, lowering costs, and gaining control, all while providing a worry­free set­up. When choosing an information system for a company, it is important to examine the hardware and software, data or information



created by the system, the security provided by the IS, and the people who will make and use the system before making a final decision. Hardware makes up all of the physical parts of an information system. Leapset’s hardware can be described as a stationary information system that would take the place of a cash register, only providing more services. “Designed specifically for restaurants, Leapset’s POS is splash, crumb and dust proof. Its 15” touch screen is bigger than a tablet’s, so you are less likely to press the wrong button. Its customer­facing display lets customers add tips and sign for credit cards” (Leapset, 2014). Joe & Sugars Cafe owner, Wayla Chadwick, says that she “would really like to use one system for all aspects of the business” (Personal Communication, 2014). Leapset is not complicated when it comes to hardware as it is easy for business managers to set­up and begin using. In design, Leapset is one main operator that will gather and send information to a specific computer. When compared to a cash register, tablet, and the Micros/Aloha information systems, Leapset is the only IS that has all three hardware capabilities including: full­sized screen, splash proof design, and built for restaurants. “Leapset runs on a variety of hardware and enables 3rd party developers to create custom apps based on the business’s needs” (Leapset engineering, 2014). While Leapset can connect with the employees at Joe & Sugars Cafe, there are also Leapset apps designed for consumers to learn more about certain restaurants. The POS created by Leapset connects to a wireless network, so in the case of Joe & Sugars Cafe, Frontier would be used as the internet provider. The POS also has an area to slide credit cards and is touch screen for the employees and customers use.

GROUP PROJECT Hardware cannot function without software: It gathers, organizes and manipulates data and carries out instructions. Everything you do using a computer is done by the software. “Leapset is a software development company with a difference. Inventors of a cutting­edge IT product targeted at the Small to Medium business market in the US, which is revolutionizing ­


merchant­consumer interaction. Leapset replaces existing point­of­sale, credit card payments and online­offline technologies with one complete integrated platform” (Daily News, 2014). The POS software is not currently sold in stores or directly online. In order to purchase the Leapset software, a business or consumer needs to contact the Leapset or Sysco companies directly, from there they will receive more information on the product. There are multiple functions and software applications that can be used on the Leapset POS. First, there is a Leapset app that allows business owners to accept online orders and launch a mobile rewards program. A rewards program allows the customers to get involved and interact with businesses like Joe & Sugars Cafe. Secondly, Leapset also allows managers to view data and make changes outside of the restaurant, truly putting the business­owner in control. “There’s no need to buy expensive hardware and software up front. Leapset is available via a monthly subscription and includes free maintenance and upgrades” (Leapset, 2014). The amount of data that is created using analyzed information in the Leapset POS is truly incredible. Leapset allows customers to place orders using an app on their smart phones, this data is immediately sent to the POS system in the restaurant. The rewards program on the Leapset IS remembers certain customers marking them as ‘loyal’ in the system’s database. Lastly, the database in Leapset provides statistical reports on sales, staff, and customers. This will help restaurant owners remember which staff member served which customer, what the customer

GROUP PROJECT ordered, which table the customer sat at, and so much more. The manager can then view these reports from any mobile connected device at any time. The procedure involved on how to use the Leapset POS system would most likely be included in the box with the operator itself. As previously stated, information regarding the Leapset information system is given upon request from businesses to the Leapset or Sysco


companies. A company like Joe & Sugars Cafe, who has admittedly fallen behind in the world of rapidly changing technology, would greatly benefit from a user manual that describes the products functions and services it can provide. Whether Leapset comes with a hard copy user manual or whether it is all done online is currently unknown due to the fact that information is only given upon request, which may be considered a weakness of the company. A very important part of a computer­based information system are the people working behind it. People are the ones who design and operate the software, input the data, build the hardware, keep it running, and write the procedure. The Leapset system especially involves multiple people in order function and collect data. Leapset is an “open platform” meaning that other companies can develop apps and come up with new ideas to support the specific brand. Leapset also works closely with social media, it’s tough to get the word out about a new restaurant, and Leapset has been really aggressive in promoting restaurants. Menus are posted online, customers are checking in on Facebook, and Leapset’s telling people about restaurants on their network and around the neighborhood. (Leapset Sysco go beyond food, 2014). The CEO of the Leapset Company, Mani Kulasooriya and his team dedicate their time to building the hardware, designing the software, and implementing new ideas to continually improve the product.

GROUP PROJECT One of the most important things to research before purchasing a new IS product is the


amount of security and protection that the IS provides. The Leapset system is cloud­based, which has both pros and cons when it comes to security. “Leapset provides these offline retailers with a cloud­based system that allows them to manage orders, process payments, reward customers, and offer mobile ordering through an easy to use POS” (Crunch Base, 2014). Some benefits of using the cloud is that the overall cost for the system usually ends up being lower opposed to a server­based system. Cloud computing also provides maximum storage capacity and instant software updates. “And all that data you store in the cloud? It stays in the cloud—somewhere. Unlike desktop computing, where a hard disk crash can destroy all your valuable data, a computer crashing in the cloud doesn’t affect the storage of your data. That’s because data in the cloud is automatically duplicated, so nothing is ever lost” (QUE, 2008). While the data may never be lost, it is much easier to be stolen by online hackers, which could become a restaurant’s worst nightmare. When asked what the ideal new information system for Joe & Sugars Cafe would be, Wayla Chadwick responded, “I would really like to see if Sysco has a pre­made system or recommendations that work with their ordering system so that it might all link together” (Personal Communication, 2014). Leapset is the answer to Chadwick’s needs. Chadwick also suggests that she would like to use a phased implementation approach to getting new information systems in her restaurant. The phased approach is beneficial because it would help the company overcome resistance to change and allows the company to learn and grow at a slower pace. Leapset’s partnership with Sysco makes the decision easy for Joe & Sugar’s Restaurant. Leapset is extremely user­friendly and dedicated to helping businesses succeed.



Coffee Shop Manager (CSM) is an award winning Point of Sale (POS) software package that is specifically designed for coffee retailers (Coffee Shop Manager, 2014). The software business started in 2001, in Redmond Washington. CSM has customers in all 50 states and has a designer that has been in the software business for over 25 years. The software and equipment is easy to use and has something to offer for everyone; even the customer. The system comes with an easy touch screen ordering for all your espresso, food, drinks and other items (Coffee Shop Manager, 2014). The CSM system offers tablet, smart phone, online and iPad Kiosk ordering that let you craft a unique customer experience. To enhance customer experience the system offers a No­fee Prepaid Customer Accounts service and a gift card and loyalty tracking service. These services and management features allow the business to become more profitable and the owner to be in control. All supplies are backed by a solid service and support from an experienced industry expert. CSM offers three different software and equipment packages; the Latte Touchscreen package, the Mocha Touchscreen package, and the Americano Tablet package (Coffee Shop Manager, 2014). All three systems are designed for running and managing a coffee shop. The determination of what package a business should invest in depends on the business’s size, owner’s preference, and customer base. The Latte Touchscreen package comes with the CSM POS software with Mini Tower PC, 15 inch flat screen touch display, credit card reader, receipt printer, and tons of optional upgrades (Coffee Shop Manager, 2014). This system is the cheapest and largest POS system CSM offers. The Latte system is a medium sized package that would pair best with a smaller, simpler business. The Mocha Touchscreen package offers a complete Touchscreen POS package that includes the Breeze Performance All­In­One computer system with the Pioneer 15" Touchscreen

GROUP PROJECT Terminal with OEM licensed Windows 7. With its spill resistant design, integrated customer display, receipt printer, credit card reader, and all computer components built in, it fits into a very small area. All the same software functions found in the Latte package are here. The


difference is the Breeze Performance is an All­In­One PC/Touchscreen computer. This system is ideal for replacing an existing or outdated cash register system. The Americano package is the top of the line package sold by CSM (Coffee Shop Manager, 2014). This system comes with a versatile tablet solution that allows the business owner to take advantage of the flexibility and save space with Coffee Shop Manager for Dell Venue Tablets. The lightweight, ultra­portable tablet brings the full functionality of Coffee Shop Manager to the customers, anywhere in the shop. The Americano package includes the full Coffee Shop Manager software license and all of the necessary peripherals to ensure the tablet POS meets all the business’s needs. The Americano package includes encrypted credit card reader, Ethernet printer, and a printer­driven electronic cash drawer. The CSM software is specifically designed for coffee shop use and the software allows the business to customize their menu, training courses, CSM back office, online ordering, inventory tracker, and technical services. The CSM Software is compatible with all hardware Coffee Shop Manager has to offer. Coffee Shop Manager offers multiple hardware systems that are customizable to fit the business’s needs. The Breeze Performance is a powerful All­In­One touch terminal offering extreme CPU performance (Coffee Shop Manager, 2014). The touch terminal can be configured with increased processing speed and memory to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Touch Dynamic redefines the All­In­One design by integrating a Thermal receipt



printer into any of the popular All­In­One terminals. The compact design of the base allows for easy setup, and will save precious counter space and reduce cable clutter. The lightweight and ultra­portable Dell Venue Tablet is the perfect solution for mobile order taking, line busting, or a space saving option on the counter (Coffee Shop Manager, 2014). At just under 2 pounds the sleek tablet is easy to carry. The 10.8" IPS Display with FHD screen gives the business access to all the robust features of Coffee Shop Manager. The powerful Intel Core i5 processor, with Windows 8 Pro, means that the business will have the power to take orders, run reports or even update inventory from the tablet. Add an encrypted credit card swipe to complete customer transactions while on the go. Star printers are compact high speed receipt printers, specially selected for use with the Coffee Shop Manager (Coffee Shop Manager, 2014). Their thermal design means never having to purchase ink or ribbons and their auto­cutters make the process quick for the staff. The EC150 Touch Screen monitors are extremely durable, certified for millions of touches. The integrated card swiper can be used for both credit card and prepaid/gift card processing. Latte CSM Software CSM Back Office PC w/13 Proc OEM lic Win 7 Pro 15 inch Touchscreen Display Pioneer 15 inch Touch Term Win 7 Tablet Encl MS Tablet Surface Pro Breeze Perf all­in­one Comp Sys. Electronic Cash Drawer Additional Drawer Insert Integrated Magnetic Card Reader Thermal Receipt Printer Printer Driven Electronic Cash Drawer Ethernet Printer Encrypted Credit Card Reader One Free Month of Support Service Technical Services Mocha X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Americano X X X X X X X X X

Additional Tablet Upgrade Online Ordering & Inventory Tracker Security Price X X $3995 X X X $4195 X X X $2995


The most efficient package for Joe & Sugar’s Cafe would most likely be the Americano. The package is simple, secure, small, and has all the abilities to upgrade and transform into a bigger system as the business grows. Both Leapset and Coffee Shop Manager are excellent information systems that would be beneficial to a restaurant; however, there are some potential bottlenecks for each of these systems. Coffee Shop Manager is not as versatile as Leapset, and Coffee Shop Manager is more of a windows based program. With the specifications of Coffee Shop Manager being more Windows based, this could cause issues with customers or staff preferring the iOS operating system. Windows based programming of Coffee Shop Manager also requires additional money to be spent on specific windows products with a significant amount of hard drive. Leapset’s upfront costs are only $250­$500, and their software upgrades are free. Leapset is a cloud based program which has both positives and negatives. Because Leapset is cloud based, it essentially requires no hard drive space. However, storing information on the cloud can lead to the potential of proprietary information being hacked. When using the cloud to store information, the restaurant must be cautious and only give security rights to individuals that need to access that information. Information can be stored and accessed anywhere from those given the access which would be very beneficial when trying to manage a business.



After researching both Leapset and Coffee Shop Manager, Leapset is recommended as the point­of­sale information system for Joe & Sugars Cafe. During the interview with Wayla Chadwick, owner of Joe & Sugars Cafe, she mentioned that she is currently using Sysco as part of their business process (Personal Communication, 2014). The transition into Leapset will be simplified because Leapset is partnered with Joe & Sugars Cafe current system, Sysco. Wayla Chadwick also mentioned that she was interested in finding out if Sysco offered any information systems that would work well for every aspect of the business. Leapset is partnered with Sysco to provide a more diverse and complete suite of solutions to Sysco’s massive customer base (Leapset, 2014). Leapset’s ability to adjust is what differentiates them from other information systems. If too much time is spent developing something, often times a newer, better product is introduced. Leapset has a product team and an engineering team that work together to form new objectives in their agile model. “This allows them to keep up with the fast rate of technological evolution taking place in the market” (Daily News, 2014). Another benefit to using Leapset is that it has the ability to run on a variety of hardware which allows third party developers to create custom applications. Leapset is designed and organized to be able to keep up with the needs of the future. It is predicted that Leapset will meet the needs of the business through rapid changes in technology for many years based on their ability to change and keep ahead of other information systems. Currently Joe & Sugars Cafe uses Sysco to purchase many of their goods. With Leapset being an associate company to Sysco, the transition to the new information system would be simplified for Joe & Sugars Cafe. The owners and staff would not be dealing with as much

GROUP PROJECT change while learning a new system. Inventory and ordering would be managed through


Leapset, and time and money would be saved. Leapset is specifically designed for restaurants, so there would not be a need to request changes to use the program for a coffee shop. Leapset operates across four verticals: outside the restaurant, front of the restaurant, middle of the restaurant, and the back of the restaurant. These areas of focus will cover all the business needs for Joe & Sugars Cafe from applications, rewards, reservations, marketing, cloud based design, credit card payments, and the analytics of the business. Leapset is easy to use, and it will come with either a written manual or an online manual. Free premium customer support is also offered, so experts will be available during both the set up phase and long term to provide assistance and training. Installing the new credit card reader only takes fifteen minutes, and insights are integrated digitally requiring nothing to be installed. The cost of Leapset is relatively inexpensive, and the savings, marketing, and manageability that it creates are well worth the monthly fee. Leapset Insights is available for a low monthly fee. Some of the benefits to Leapset Insights are that there are low processing fees than other POS and there is next day funding. Another positive is that there are no upfront costs or long­term contracts. Depending on the specific program developed with Leapset, the monthly cost will range from $0­$99. A free version is offered to help business decided what works the best for them. Once Joe & Sugars Cafe transitions to Leapset they will have the ability to manage their business needs from a single platform, use services to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve the operational control that they have over the business. There is not a need to purchase a new computer initially during the transition because Leapset is an application based program

GROUP PROJECT with information stored in the cloud, and it works with many different operating systems.


Leapset can be operated from an unlimited number of touchscreen POS, tablets, or PC. During the interview with Chadwick, she stated that she preferred to use the phased implementation approach for introducing a new POS to the restaurant. A benefit to Leapset is that you can use it on multiple levels, so introducing it slowly into the business will be easy. As staff, management, and customers adapt to Leapset, they can begin to incorporate more of the business into the POS until they are fully utilizing its abilities. As staff and management adjust to the new information system, they will continue to see the benefits and think of new ideas to adjust the business to become more profitable.



References 5 Ways CRM­Enabled POS Systems Can Help Your Business. (n.d.). Retrieved from­crm­pos­systems.html_br Beyond Food. (n.d.). POS. Retrieved from Coffee Shop Manager. (2014). Technology solutions for coffee shops. Retrieved from Crunchbase. (2014). Leapset. Retrieved from Daily News. (2012). Leapset introduces new technology to SL. Retrieved from Ingram, D. (2014). The information systems and information management needs of a small business or organization. Chron. Retrieved on­systems­information­management­needs­small­busi ness­organization­65067.html Leapset engineering. (2013). About leapset. Retrieved from Leapset. (2014). Products and pos. Retrieved from­pos Miller, M. (2008). Are you ready for computing in the cloud? Pearson. Retrieved from SBDCNet. (2012). Coffee shop 2012. Retrieved from­business­research­reports/coffee­shop­2012 United States Census Bureau. (n.d.). Union County, Oregon. Retrieved from

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...Technology in Banking Insight and Foresight Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (Established by Reserve Bank of India) Foreword The Indian banking industry, almost in keeping with the deep entrepreneurial approach of the country s business, has come a long way. This report is an effort to capture some exemplary initiatives and developments so far as well as discuss the emerging trends. The insights and understanding of the technology trends and ground-level work being done by the banks has been culled from the nominations received from banks for the IDRBT Banking Technology Excellence Awards 2010. The transformation of Indian banks in the last decade has been phenomenal from local branch banking to global presence and anywhere-anytime banking. Most of the regular banking transactions can today be carried out from mobile phones. Sustained reforms and information technology (IT) have played a pivotal role since the initiation of the second phase of reforms post 1998. The benefits of technology such as scale, speed and low error rate are also reflecting in the performance, productivity and profitability of banks, which have improved tremendously in the past decade. Regulatory initiatives from the Central Bank have also played a large role in the banking sector. Robust technology-enabled organizations have now become the mainstay of the industry. Initiatives such as electronic clearing service (ECS), national electronic funds transfer (NEFT),......

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Capstone Project

...Project Charter UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT TOOL IMPLEMENTATION Prepared for University of California, Office of the President Table of Contents BACKGROUND.. ................................................................................................................................ ……….3 MISSION…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..3 PROJECT SCOPE ......................................................................................................................................... 4 BuSINESS OBJECTIVES .................................................................................................................................. 4 PROJECT OBJECTIVES .................................................................................................................................... 4 Release Phase One Scope........................................................................................................................ 4 PROJECT DEPENDENCIES ...............................................................................................................................5 OUT OF SCOPE AND ASSUMPTIONS.....................................................................................................................5 PROJECT GOVERNANCE MODEL .................................................................................................................. 7 KEY......

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Corporation Bank

...Consultant Page 1 of 63 Corporation Bank I T Division, H.O:Mangalore Table of Contents PARTICULARS PAGE NO. Request for Proposal Bank’s Brief Requirement Introduction about the Bank Current IT Infrastructure of the Bank Scope of work Key Personnel Introduction to the Bidders Offer validity period Clarifications of Offers Format of Technical offer Format of Commercial Offer Earnest Money Deposit Terms and Conditions Terms of Payment Substitution of Project Team Members Penalty & Cancellation of Contract Termination Resolution of disputes Eligibility Criteria Evaluation Methodology Conflict of Interest Right to reject any or all proposals Fraud & Corrupt practices Reporting Amendment to RFP Annexure-A - Covering Letter Annexure-B-Details of the Bidder Annexure-C - Terms and conditions compliance Table Annexure-D - Details of Eligibility criteria Annexure-E - Details of prior experience for evaluation Annexure - F - Proposed Team profile Annexure - G - Estimated duration, Mandays etc Annexure H1 - Price bid - Technical Annexure H2 - Price bid - Commercial Annexure - I - Bank Guarantee format for EMD Annexure-J - Particulars of Key Personnel 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 12 13 14 16 18 19 20 22 23 23 25 26 28 34 38 38 40 40 42 43 44 46 49 52 54 55 57 59 63...

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...Houston-Victoria MGMT 6352-2011FA-25125 November 2011 Zara Case Paper Analysis Table of Contents: • • • • o • • • 2 Abstract Case Description Goals and Strategy Speed and Decision-making Marketing, Merchandising, and Advertising Information Technology Problem Analysis Firm-based-value chain model Model Application Implementation Opportunity Analysis Evaluation of IS Implementation Tangible Costs Analysis Tangible Benefits Intangible Costs Analysis Intangible Benefits Conclusion for Evaluation of IT Implementation Conclusion and Recommendations References 3 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 7 9 12 12 13 14 15 16 16 19 Zara Case Paper Analysis Abstract This case paper presents the business analysis of Zara, the leading and the profitable brand of Inditex. The case paper’s objective is to discuss whether to update the current DOS/IT infrastructure and evaluate the effects of the upgrade. By using the Michael Porter’s value chain analysis, we can understand Zara’s core business model of vertical integration and assess the areas where IS will add value to the system. The case paper also presents the IS implementation opportunities and evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation. The case paper concludes by providing recommendations for updating the current OS along with its advantages. 3 Zara Case Paper Analysis Case Description Zara is one of the largest international fashion brands of Inditex. The company first opened in La Coruna in 1975, still lives by the simple......

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Pcm Guideline

...Project Management in the OSCE A Manual for Programme and Project Managers Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Development, Coordination and Design This manual is designed and developed by the OSCE Secretariat’s Conflict Prevention Centre, Programming and Evaluation Support Unit (CPC/PESU). Main Author: Sebnem Lust, Programme and Project Evaluation Officer Co-Authors: Laura Vai, Head of Programming and Evaluation Support Unit Sean McGreevy, Project Co-ordination Officer Editor: Keith Jinks Designer: Nona Reuter Published by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe OSCE Secretariat CPC/PESU Wallnerstrasse 6 1010 Vienna Austria Telephone: +43 1 514 36 6122 Fax: +43 1 514 36 6996 Email: © 2010 OSCE ISBN: 978-92-9234-301-9 Rights and Permissions: All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may be freely used and copied for educational and other non-commercial purposes, provided that any such reproduction is accompanied by an acknowledgement of the OSCE as the source. ii Acknowledgements This manual contains comprehensive guidance on how the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe applies the Project Cycle Management method and the Logical Framework Approach to its project work, as well as essential information on the political, programmatic, regulatory and information technology aspects of project management. The manual’s purpose is to ensure coherence, consistency and......

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Marketing Essay Crm

...In the last few years, the Iranian banking system has consistently ignored customer-orientation and its fundamental. Therefore, the banking system has not been able to use recent modern marketing very well, because of various economic and social problems such as the governmental banking system and the excess of the demand rate over supply. People do not have any incentive to use Iranian banking system, because banking system do not pay attention to their priority values and needs and just present similar services in all branches of country’s banks. Therefore, the customers refer to the banks inevitably to satisfy their elementary needs, in other words it should said that, in the current situation the people serve the banks, not the banks serve people. Regarding the environmental changes that are front of us, the banks should emphasize on its equipping, recognizing the customer’s need and expectations and regard to market situation. Because every bank can recognize and secure these needs before rivals will success in the competition field. This study attempted to analysis the role of customer communication management in Iranian banks and its weakness, strengths and goals, in addition, its executing 2 effects and the basic role of customer as a basic and critical element for remaining the banking system. Finally, some suggestions present for reforming and improving the quality of services in the banking system. Keywords: Customer Relationship......

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History of Tea

...Chapter # 1. Introduction to CRM 1.1 Evolution of CRM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of those magnificent concepts that swept the business world in the 1990’s with the promise of forever changing the way businesses small and large interacted with their customer bases. In the short term, however, it proved to be an unwieldy process that was better in theory than in practice for a variety of reasons. First among these was that it was simply so difficult and expensive to track and keep the high volume of records needed accurately and constantly update them. In the last several years, however, newer software systems and advanced tracking features have vastly improved CRM capabilities and the real promise of CRM is becoming a reality. As the price of newer, more customizable Internet solutions have hit the marketplace; competition has driven the prices down so that even relatively small businesses are reaping the benefits of some custom CRM programs. 1.2 In the beginning… The 1980’s saw the emergence of database marketing, which was simply a catch phrase to define the practice of setting up customer service groups to speak individually to all of a company’s customers. In the case of larger, key clients it was a valuable tool for keeping the lines of communication open and tailoring service to the clients needs. In the case of smaller clients, however, it tended to provide repetitive, survey-like information that cluttered databases and didn’t provide......

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Cmgt 400 Team Final

...loyalty program while making sure that system meets security requirements. The following paper will describe a plan on how Kudler can achieve their goal by using the Systems Development Life Cycle or SDLC, which has five phases, and how they can use each one. As part of establishing Kudler’s reputation, the company will emphasize the need for security for the business and its customers. Introduction Kudler Fine Foods is a local business based in San Diego California that would like to increase their sales in their three other California locations. Kudler has decided to implement a customer loyalty program. The customer loyalty program will reward customers for shopping within the locations. One of the goals is to increase sales by tracking customer purchases so that sales can be more relevant and to attract customers. Kudler has decided that a development team is needed to build this new service for its customers. As part of the development, the System Development Life Cycle will be used to obtain the goal while paying attention to the security needs that the program will create. Our team will develop the SDLC and identify the potential threats and vulnerabilities have the customer loyalty program. Based on our findings we will recommend security needs to mitigate potential risks to Kudler and customers. Our team will also develop system wide security policies to benefit Kudler and its future endeavors. SDLC The SDLC, Systems Development Life Cycle, consists......

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Mis of Icic Bank

...course. Our efforts in accomplishing this project are a result of constant motivation and valuable learning imparted by him. We would also like to thank our family and friends & the professionals who extended their support and have been a source of encouragement and inspiration throughout the duration of this project. TABLE OF CONTENTS | Title | Page No. | 1 | Introduction | 1 | 2 | Overview of Financial MIS and Network diagrams | 8 | 3 | Information system ICICI bank | 12 | 4 | Organization Transaction processing system | 14 | 5 | ICICI CRM initiatives | 25 | 6 | Knowledge management at ICICI | 30 | 7 | Conclusion | 33 | 8 | References | 34 | ABLE OF CONTENTS 1.INTRODUCTION 1.1 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM Definition: A Management Information Systems (MIS) is * An integrated user machine system * For providing information * To support operations, management, analysis and decision making functions in an Organization The system utilizes * Computer hardware and software * Manual procedures * Models for analysis , planning , control and decision making * A database The development and management of information technology tools assists executives and the general workforce in performing any tasks related to the processing of...

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Crm & Ecrm Practice by Grameenphone

...1.Introduction (1.1) Background of the study : At the very arena of globalization and technological innovation, Telecommunication business has become more competitive. To cope up with this, telecommunication should have huge theoretical knowledge and professional skill as well as technical basis. As a BBA student, I felt that telecommunication is an excellent area to gather some practical knowledge. With a view to develop skilled professional in this area, BRAC University has undertaken the internship-training program for its BBA students. As a partial and essential requirement of the BBA degree, on authority’s instruction I have selected the Grameen Phone to acquire some practical experience in telecommunication industry. It would not be out of place to mention here that during the course of the program I had to perform several duties. (1.2) Origin of the Report : As I am doing intern in GrameenPhone Customer Service Devision so I think to work on eCRM is a good field for me to acquire knowledge, how can eCRM help to give best service. As per my course instructor instruction I have submitted my report which is about “eCRM, and eCRM practices in Grameenphone and its impact”. I choose this topic because at present time, we know the most growing industry in our country is mobile telecom industry. And the companies in this industry fight each other really hard to attract more customers. And here customer relation management plays a vital role. Because its help the......

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