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1. As project manager, you are near the end of your project. How should an audit team handle an audit, where it is explicitly restricted from accessing certain materials and/or personnel? There is a very special type of assessment where an auditor goes through an analysis of project management, methods, procedures, records, budgets, progress and so on. This type of evaluation is called an audit. Audits can occur in various time and topics. An organization can have a financial, project, systems, or compliance audits.
The best time for a project audit can occur at the earliest possible time. This way a problem can be identified earlier and the project management and team can resolve it (Mantel et al., 2008). Audits can be performed in three different levels. One is the general audit. This type of audit is usually constrained by time and cost and limited to a short investigation. Next is called a detailed audit. This happens after a general audit and further investigation has to be conducted. The last type of audit is called technical. A team or person with special skills performs this type of audit (Mantel et al., 2008). Thus, in preparation for an audit, the team must use the following steps (Mantel et al., 2008):
• Familiarize audit team with requirements of project
• Audit project on-site
• Write up audit report
• Distribute report To have an effective audit, the team must have access to all of the project team’s records from various functional and organizational area records. Other valuable data that an audit may need are documentation such as request for proposals, contracts between the organization and owner or between joint venture partners, meeting minutes from supervisory board meetings, project team minute meetings, planning, budgets and so on (Mantel et al., 2008). As the audit team gathers information required...

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