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Evalution of Qr Codes

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Explanatory Notes – You should read these before filling in your proposal (Please do not hand these notes in with your form )

The project summary is an indication of your intent to carry out a project in a certain field of discipline for a Masters level module.

The project must be mindful of and demonstrate EACH of the following learning outcomes

1. Apply intellectual rigor to a topic area or subject that is of interest to the student and relevant to the programme of study undertaken at a Masters level. 2. Conceptualise and articulate a particular area of research or industry requirement in the body of a coherent, comprehensive and logically argued professional report. 3. Utilise and justify a range of research methods to identify, select and review a wide range of fully cited information sources to support the subject matter, both historical and current. 4. Identify and apply appropriate approaches, methodologies, tools and techniques that will support the progression of the subject matter and theme of a project. 5. Develop well structured solutions to an identifiable industry requirement or support a hypothesis / intellectual argument regarding an area of research. 6. Critically evaluate options and make justifiable recommendations for the subject matter. 7. Critically evaluate the approach and conduct of the project. 8. Demonstrate and conduct a project to good project management characteristics and Quality Assurance techniques. 9. Apply appropriate measures to address any legal and ethical issues relating to the project work.

The project must fall in the scope of YOUR programme of study i.e. if you are an engineering student then your subject matter must be related to the world of Engineering although comparisons can be made to other disciplines, similarly for KM students then subject matter must be related to the...

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