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Evaulating Bias in Research

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The first step in a student's guide to research is to understand the concept that needs to be analyzed. This enables the learner to study widely and efficiently. The process allows the researcher to determine the sources to utilize throughout the research process. As a result, one reduces the time used in writing a research paper. The failure to apply compelling sources is likely to yield a less appealing paper. Basically the first step of the research is to identify where to start in writing the paper. You can read the general information related to the topic. The sources can be established from books, online sources, and even the encyclopedias. An individual can start analyzing the general materials and narrow down to specific details by listing the keywords required in the topic. When the writer gains an understanding of what he or she is working on, writing the research paper becomes less complicated. Thus, the writer should select a topic carefully to limit the time taken to write the research paper.
There are many assumptions and biases in the drug industry that can hinder accurate research results. One major hypothesis is relying on the generalized information to analyze a concept. When the study is based on a generalized idea, the accuracy of the research is undermined. An example of a widespread notion is assuming that certain effects must occur to every person who is exposed to a certain drug. The other common bias is assuming that drugs’ effects vary with user’s gender. For instance, pharmaceutical companies have a tendency of saying that male bodies are stronger and react differently to drugs as compared to their female counterparts. The consumers are also likely to influence the accuracy of research on drugs as they can fail to give precise information. Only a few of them keep a clear record of the drugs they purchase thus affecting the precision of the study. Further, the drug users play a minimal role in the research since it's the pharmaceutical companies that fund the whole process. The drugs’ companies will mainly give the reports that favor them thus discouraging the consumers from participating actively in the research process.
As a consumer, my main concerns would be the side effects. I always see commercials and read articles about drugs and the “possible side effects”. It concerns me because its only in the fine print. There are so many people that can’t see these things or that because it’s so small they look over it. I would like to see studies done on just the side effects. I feel like this would be very beneficial and lessen the concerns that myself and others have.

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