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The non-verbal communication is understood as the process of the communication in sending and receiving is more visual between people. These Messages can be communicated with gestures and even a touch, the more of a body language even a posture. The facial expression and eye contact are used to.
The scenario of Maria the parole officer and Alex the criminal. Maria the parole officer has just got ahold of Alex to come back into her office because he missed last month’s appointment. As a parole officer Maria has the right to see what is going on with Alex and why he never showed to this last appointment.
When Alex came into the officer Maria was talking to Alex and asking him question Alex was not making eye contact with Maria while he was answering her question he was avoiding eye contact. Marias has assumed that he is hiding something from her because he was advoiding eye contact with the parole officer. Alex did miss one of his appointments but would make contact to tell her why he misses his appointment so she knows something was not right. Maria has a lot of power to get Alex in a lot of trouble. Alex seems to be nervous and doesn’t want to talk to Maria about why he wasn’t there for his appointment.
In most circumstances with avoiding eye contact might also show a sign of shyness or maybe even embarrassed but in this case it show that he had done something he shouldn’t have and doesn’t want to tell Maria about it. He is advoiding it in every possible way instead of just telling her what happen or why he is making her know that something is up. If Alex would say why he miss and make eye contact he would be fine. He not making eye contact is going to get him in a lot of trouble because something is not right. Not making eye contact with someone is very disrespectful and is not right when you are talking to someone you make eye contact or if they are talking...

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