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Event Analysis 1

Event Analysis: World War II

LaKisha J. Williams

PAD540 International Public Administration

Dr. Angela Parham

Strayer University

February 7, 2013

Event Analysis 2
Event Analysis: World War II
World War II
The United States stood in shock and fear as Japan initiated their attack on the naval base
at Pearl Harbor with absolutely no warning. After the Great Depression of the 1920s, Japan was
left without the resources they largely depended on the United States to provide. As Japan’s
population became more overcrowded and their resources became scarce, the Japanese military
decided to try and take over lands in China; mainly Manchuria. The Empire of Japan was aimed
at taking over East Asia. As tensions arose between Japan and China the United States under the
leadership of Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt (in the beginning) decided that they did
not have any stake siding with either country. Up to this point the United States policy in China
was based on the principle known as the Open Door Policy in which any and all countries were
free to trade and make investments with and within China. The United States felt that if they
sanctioned Japan and China, both economically and with military assistance, it would be enough
for Japan and China to stop the fighting, but it didn’t. At that point Japan decided to accept
Germany as an ally and began to take over lands governed by the French. The United States
responded to these actions by restricting Japan from buying materials from them altogether.
Japan relied on the United States for 80% of its oil. Not being able to purchase oil from the
United States would absolutely force Japan to give up its efforts to take over Chinese lands. It
was at this point that Japan made…...