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Deciding the best location for an event is critical to the event’s overall success, choosing a venue can be a daunting process especially as there are so many things to consider in the decision making process.
In the case of Christina’s husband’s birthday party, using the information she provided me, was able to narrow down 3 (three) venues that best suits her needs, using the following as my deciding factor.
Capacity: The number of guest that I was inviting, and the type of party I am planning is key e.g., 40th birthday party, buffet too help determine the size of the venue I require.
Location: Making sure the location is easily accessible for the guest, putting in mind there are parking spaces, good transport links and accommodation nearby worked for me.

Availability: Identifying several possible dates for the party, putting in mind if it was to be held at the weekend, some venues book up very far in advance, if I was working to a tight time scale I may to consider a week day.

Budget= The budget would have a major impact on narrowing down a short list of venues, knowing what the budget is helps not to overstretch oneself on the venue in an effort to impress people, then find you have little left in the kitty to actually make the experience enjoyable for your guest, at this stage I wouldn’t know what the final costs one going to be but the venue will be able to give a rough picture figure per head for certain elements.
It was after using the above to narrow the venues down to three that I took a further step to pay the venue a visit to look at their facilities, function spaces and overall appearance.
After my visit to the 3 venue I question I was able to make my decision after considering the following.

Event Space: Venue A and Venue B, from the reception area, through to the function suite, toilets and other facilities, e.g. bar, music space worked…...