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Major Event Management
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Major Event Management

The International Fashion Stylist Association is organizing a one day fashion event in London. The goal of the event is to promote creative talents, to stimulate creativity and to create new networking and employment opportunities. The name of the event has been suggested to be "Fashion Fiesta". 8th June, 2013 is the date suggested for the event. Event will feature the fashion related activity in London, a fashion show of the best local emerging designers and a networking dinner. "Fashion Fiesta" will be an invitation-only event and the target audience will consist of major fashion journalists, fashion bloggers, representatives of national fashion schools, famous fashion designers, fashion company managers, fashion entrepreneurs, local opinion leaders and local authorities. This is an event management plan which will include all the major aspects of the event "Fashion Fiesta". It will include the accommodation suggestions for all the guests coming in out of town, transfer plan and the vehicles needed and fashion related activity to be organized during the day on a sign-up basis. The venue of the event will also be looked upon in the report, as well as, the event agenda. An Event Marketing and Communication Plan in order to reach the target audience will also be included. A list of potential sponsors and suppliers will be included in the report. Furthermore, a realistic event budget and major risks in the event accompanying a contingency plan will be included. Lastly, ways to measure the success of the event "Fashion Fiesta" will be provided.

Name and Date of the Event
The name of the event has been suggested to be "Fashion Fiesta". The name of the event is an attractive and…...