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Name: Nguyen Dinh Van – Victor
Year: 2
Intake: 25
Lecturer: Mr. Zin

At 27 March, both intake 25 and 26 had the event with around 100 guests. The theme of event was CARIBBEAN CALYPSO, and the main color was blue and white that created about the Caribbean Island with ocean around. On the other hand, this event is one of subject of the school program; however I think I had a lot of experiences during this event.
In this event, my position in this event is chef after voting in both intakes. First, I was chosen the partners, who will work with me during this even. While, somebody was volunteer to come to kitchen, someone was come to kitchen because the manpower in kitchen was not enough. So, in the kitchen, we also had some problem in our group. After planning, my, executive chef (Ding YiWei) and pastry chef (Chen DaCheng) ,whose will plan the menu for event because at the first time, we had three ideas for the event as Korean cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Caribbean cuisine. Until the day to discussing the menu, we were to remove the Korean cuisine because the menu of Korean cuisine was not good. The next discussing, my and executive chef should to show both menu Japanese and Caribbean cuisine to Mr. Hew (who is the head master of SHRM College), Mr. David and Mr. Zin (who is a teacher to take care the event). Finally, we were choose the Caribbean event because this menu was better than Japan menu; however, I also needed to change the main course and dessert, which was have more Caribbean style as spicy, combined with fruit and should had three different style of desserts in one dish. Next, I should to come to see Chef Tan (who is teach cooking in school), he help to choose the final menu for the event, and suggested idea for me. Furthermore, he helped me to reduce the cost of food. For example, how much mango or potato is enough…...