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the international special events society in a UK based event society. Research this and provide SWOT Analysis for the society on the middle east needs/ opportunity/ threats of launching such a society in the Middle East. In your opinion wou

The International Special Events Society holds ISES Eventworld® - An Institute for Professional Development each year in the summer. It is known as the premier continuing education event for the special events industry.
Eventworld includes education programs, leading industry speakers, leadership development, an international perspective, and industry recognition at The ISES Esprit Awards Celebration. Eventworld is also an excellent place for networking opportunities. Anyone invovled in special events should attend.

About the International Special Events Society:
The International Special Events Society is comprised of over 4,000 professionals in over 35 countries representing special event producers (from festivals to trade shows), caterers, decorators, florists, destination management companies, rental companies, special effects experts, tent suppliers, audio-visual technicians, party and convention coordinators, balloon artists, educators, journalists, hotel sales managers, specialty entertainers, convention center managers, and many more.

The Vision and Mission of ISES
Dedicated and Educated to Deliver Creative Excellence and Professionalism in Special Events.
The Mission of ISES is to educate, advance and promote the special events industry and its network of professionals along with related industries.
To that end, ISES strives to:

- Uphold the integrity of the special events profession to the general public through our "Principles of Professional Conduct and Ethics"
- Acquire and disseminate useful business information
- Foster a spirit of cooperation among its members and…...