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Sasha Klemens
HM592 Management
Homework #1 Part 1

Part 1: From the text Professional Event Coordination, answer question #3 on page 25 in the Exercises in Professional Event Coordination section. The minimum required length for this part is two pages. Include all six components of the “six A’s” including Anticipation, Arrival, Atmosphere, Appetite, Activity, and Amenities in detail. Each section should be 1-2 paragraphs. Include an introduction and summary paragraph tying them together.

A pharmaceutical company exhibiting at a medical convention trade show in your city wants to host an off-site evening hospitality reception for 200 of their best customers, featuring a theme that celebrates the local culture.

The pharmaceutical company is proud to host a hospitality reception to thank their customers and their workers for their services. Not only is this for the people a part of this company but is intended for everyone as well. However, this specific event is mainly designed for everyone to share their experiences and motivate others to wanting to pursue the medical field. The best part of any event is the anticipation of it all. Thinking about who will be there, what the environment will feel like, the food that will be catered, the activities that will go on, and the souvenirs are all part of what gets an event planner excited when creating events.

Lights, camera, action! The pharmaceutical company is excited to host an event providing to their customers. The anticipation will be built by making fliers, making invitations, posting online, and of course, word of mouth. The first time the event becomes just a thought is probably almost just as exciting as when the event is actually happening. It creates imagination and hope for the exact image of what the event is going to look like. The pharmaceutical company is looking forward to targeting…...