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Event Management Plan Template and Guidance Notes

|Event Name | |
|Event Location | |
|Event Date | |
|Organisation | |
|Document last updated | |

If you have any questions about this template, please contact
Ian Steed on isteed@cornwall.gov.uk

Please submit your event management plan with your event application form.

*Please note that this document is a guide only*


This template provides guidance notes for event organisers and will help you develop a detailed event management plan.

To use the template, save a new version and complete the sections in blue that apply to your event. Not all sections will apply to all events – you will need to decide which are relevant to your event. Once you have completed the template, you can delete the guidance text.

Our online event guidance includes information that will be useful when preparing your event management plan. Please take time to read this. You may also find the Health and Safety Executive’s The Event Safety Guide helpful, as it provides guidance on security, major incident planning, first aid, electrical safety, event communication, lost children, sanitary facilities and…...

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