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Photo exhibition & silent disco |
Event Proposal |
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Table of content

1. Introduction page 2
2. Findings page 2
3.1. Event concept page 2
3.2. Purpose and aims of the event page 3
3.3. Market research page 3
3.4. Shareholders analysis page 3
3.5. Venue page 4
3.6. Resources page 4
3.7. Costing page 5
3. Conclusion page 6
4. Reference page 7
5. Appendix page 7-8

1. Introduction

This report is compiled by Michal Kapral as a requirement for ‘Organizing the events’ course at Edinburgh College. The purpose of this report is to describe proposed event concept, highlight a purpose for the event and its aims. Further, the weaknesses and strengths of the proposed event are discussed. Then the report goes on to analysis of the market research results and the stakeholders’ analysis is carried out. Additionally the venue, resources and costings are explained. Finally the conclusion is drawn.
The report was compiled using secondary research – internet research and all information are coming from reliable resources detailed in the reference (page 5). Additionally the primary research has been carried out – market research survey (see appendix page 6).

2. Findings

3.1. Event concept

The idea for this event is to organise a three day photo exhibition in collaboration with Edinburgh College students. The reason for this is to show and promote the young artists of Edinburgh and to raise funds for Anthony Nolan charity. The second part of the event is the auction at which exhibit photo prints will go for sale that will help raise money for charity. The third part of the event is the silent disco to take place on the last day of the exhibition. The main strength of this concept is that there…...