Event That Changed My Life

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The day that changed my life
It was a phone call from the hospital in S.C to my mom back in MI that changed my life forever. I was 18 years old newly married, traveling around the states with my husband for his job I was in Greenville, S.C. when one of my usual migraines started. Migraines have been a part of my life since the age of 12 so this was not out of the ordinary, until day 3 and no change. We knew something had to be wrong and that’s when the journey to where I am today started.
I went to the emergency room to get a Toradol shot as I had before, I explained the situation and the length of the migraine and that when the nurse felt something was more serious than a migraine. I was rushed to the back for an MRI and that when it was seen I had a quarter sized tumor in the center of my brain. They were sending me over to a neurosurgeon to talk about immediate brain surgery the tumor needed to be removed before any further damage was done. I was only a kid all alone with just my husband in a state that we didn’t know a single person and I was being prepped for an overnight stay in the hospital while having to break the news to my mom over the phone.
I was admitted at 11 pm and was scheduled to have the surgery at 5 am, after a sleepless night and the hours slowly passing 5 am came and was gone and I had yet to see a nurse or a doctor. A few more hours passed and finally at 3 pm I saw the neurosurgeon who advised that he was releasing me and that he would not be performing any surgery. I was to follow up in six months with an MRI to track the progress. Confused and worried I did what I was instructed to do and continued to watch this foreign matter in my brain which controls my every thought of every day.
This monitoring every six months went on for about six years the changes that they saw were not conclusive with how a tumor would change, I was advised…...