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Throughout this essay I will be addressing the social, cultural and economic impacts which affect Brazil community. Rio de Janeiro carnival dates back to 1723 it is one of the world’s biggest carnivals, it is a hallmark event. It is known to be one of the most interesting artistic celebrations it involves 4 days of continuous partying and having fun before Ash Wednesday. This event provides an insight into the true culture of Brazil it showcases their beliefs and moralities. It is considered to be a performance of farewell to the pleasures of flesh which is the absence of human temptation and food desires. This event is performed annually 46 days before Easter and the celebration involves dancing, singing, party and having loads of fun with one of the major highpoints being the "samba" music. The purpose of the samba is to signify hedonism also the true celebration of life. It is known in Brazil that 75 % of the population is Roman Catholic therefore the carnival demonstrates all the different cultures and their backgrounds. (Enjoy festivals 2013)
Having the Rio de Janeiro carnival it benefits the community by improving social ties and it gives the opportunity for the community that they can pull it together for the greater good. (Perry, S 2010)
Rio de Janerio carnival is classed as a hallmark event. A hallmark event is an event that takes place annually in the same place; this will then bring to mind the location of where the event was held. It is also where the event becomes synonymous with the name of the place and it will gain widespread recognition and awareness and this will also generate a large amount of tourists. Hallmark events also have high levels of exposure in the media and a positive imagery that then helps to create competitive advantages for their communities. The people involved in the carnival in Rio analyse the impacts and success of event....

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