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Everglades Food Web Diagram

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Everglades Food Web Diagram
BIO 101
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Everglades Food Web Diagram
Create a diagram in which you illustrate the energy flow among organisms of a food chain in a particular ecosystem. (Insert diagram) The Florida Everglades is a vast stretching river that occupies much of central and southern Florida. Florida’s Everglades is home to a diverse ecosystem of bacterial, tropical and subtropical plants, trees, reptiles, animals, and aquatic life. These various species comprise the balance of the Everglade ecosystem. Each species plays a pivotal role in maintaining a vigorous striving environment. The Everglades sustains a semitropical climate with wet summers, dry winters, and is susceptible to hurricanes during the summer and early autumn months (Aber, 2009).
Organisms found in the Everglades
The Everglades is home to a wide diversity of plants. The two million acre wetland ecosystem is inhibited by wetland plants that include sawgrass, bladderwort, cypress, mangrove trees, and others that serve as primary food sources and shelters for many consumers of this habitat (National Wildlife Federation, 2012).

The Everglades is home to numerous species of animals including those native to the lands, threatened, and considered endangered. Wildlife populaces include over 350 bird species including the Great Blue heron, great egret, and wood stork. Land dwellers that inhibit the Everglades include Alligator and crocodile reptiles, Florida panther, Burmese python, West-Indian Manatee, sea turtles, and raccoon just to name a few. The Everglades most endangered animal is the Florida panther, of which approximately only 80 now survive (National Wildlife Federation, 2012).
Organisms in the Everglades
Producers Consumers Decomposers
Monocotyledons Manatee Bacteria
Saw grass Alligator Gar Fungi
Pond apple tree

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