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Every One Does It Case Study

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Everyone Does It: Business Ethics Executive Summary

Everyone Does It: Business Ethics Executive Summary The purpose of the report is to address the concept of business ethics. Vice President of Marketing and Sales for International Satellite Images (ISI) Jim Willis faces an ethical dilemma while drafting a proposal for negotiations of major satellite imagery contract. Synopsis of Case ISI is currently in negotiation with Higashi Trading Company (HTC) for satellite imagery. During a recent executive meeting, Jim learned that the ISI satellite subcontractor was having issues that would cause a developmental delay with the camera, postponing their launch date anywhere between twelve to eighteen months. This delay is a set back to their original proposed date and could potentially cost ISI the contract. Relevant Factual Information about the Problem or Decision the Organization Faced
Jim brought the information of the delay to the attention of Fred Ballard, President of ISI, and sought his advice on whether a new launch date should be included in their proposal to HTC. Fred was adamant that Jim keep the original launch date on the proposal stating that it was standard industry practice to withhold negative information. Notifying HTC of delays and postponing their launch date could ultimately cause ISI to lose the contract and place the company in financial jeopardy. However, Jim’s concern is if HTC were to discover that the ISI team knew of the delay prior to the signing of the contract and withheld this information, the already strained trust between the two company’s would be breeched; his personal reputation and the reputation of ISI would be tarnished.

Explanation of Relevant Concepts, Theories and Applications Derived from Course Materials Fred Ballard’s guarantee to ISI’s venture capitalists that a contract with...

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