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Assignment (II)
Underline the correct answer and send it back to me via edmodo or my email: in two hours. 1. When I saw that this course was available I rushed to ______ up for it. | a) | cheer | b) | sign | c) | gee | d) | feel |

2. When I told my mom I would be home around 2 am, she had a cow! a. My mom bought a baby cow. b. My mom is really strange. c. My mom was really upset.

3. I'd like to stop smoking but I just can't ______ it up. | a) | Give | b) | Turn | c) | Put | d) | Hurry |

4. After going to the zoo, the mall, and the movies, Cassie was sick of bending over backwards to entertain her nieces. a. Cassie was doing very little to entertain her nieces. b. Cassie was making small efforts to entertain her nieces. c. Cassie was trying very hard to entertain her nieces. d. Cassie was not trying at all to entertain her nieces.

5. I'm fed up hearing you talk all the time. Why don't you just ______ up and listen for once? | a) | Cheer | b) | Move | c) | Put | d) | Shut |

6. Bobby would have been playing ball until the cows came home if it hadn’t been for Suzie dragging him away to eat dinner. a. Bobby was just about to stop playing ball. b. Bobby didn’t even want to play ball to begin with. c. Bobby prefers nature to athletics. d. Bobby would have continued playing ball for a long time.

7. He's a really irritating person. I don't see how you ______ up with him. | a) | Speak | b) | Move | c) | Put | d) | Hurry |

8. Eric wanted to fix his cousin’s computer, but he was already having problems setting up his Aunt’s Wi-Fi network and he didn’t want to open a whole new can of worms. a. Eric was sick of spending his time helping his family. b. Eric wanted to go fishing instead of working on computers. c. Eric was having difficulties untangling the computer wires. d. Eric was not ready to begin working on a complicated new problem

9. If you don't put any oil in the motor when the warning light comes on, it's likely to ______ up. | a) | Send | b) | Seize | c) | Put | d) | Set |

10. Silvio had egg on his face after saying he was much better than all the other drivers, and then a. winning the race b. coming last in the race c. coming second in the race 11. There's not enough room for all my papers. I'm going to ask maintenance to ______ up some more shelves. | a) | Cheer | b) | Move | c) | Put | d) | Hurry |

12. Harry's bark is worse than his bite. a. Harry owns a very fierce dog. b. Harry is not in very good health. c. Harry talks more than he eats. d. Harry is not as frightening as he seems.

13. If you ever come to my city you must ______ me up and we'll have dinner together. | a) | Speak | b) | Move | c) | Put | d) | Look |

14. Hilary arrived at our house out of the blue this morning. a. Hilary was dressed unusually smartly. b. It was a lovely day when Hilary arrived. c. We weren't expecting Hilary to arrive. d. Hilary was feeling depressed.

15. It was really embarassing. I'd had too much to drink and when we left the bar I was sure I was going to ______ up. | a) | Cheer | b) | Sign | c) | Throw | d) | Hurry |

16. Cecilia poured her heart out to me. a. Cecilia told me her secret feelings. b. Cecilia was very angry with me. c. Cecilia and I did some exercises. d. Cecilia and I fell in love with each other

17. It's a difficult market to enter but we intend to ______ up a small subsidiary anyway. | a) | Cheer | b) | Turn | c) | Throw | d) | Set | 18. That was a complete surprise - a total ______ up for the books. | a) | Speak | b) | Move | c) | Turn | d) | Throw | 19. Stop acting so childishly. ______ up. | a) | Cheer | b) | Move | c) | Grow | d) | Hurry | 20. I couldn't afford to buy it but my parents ______ up the money for me. | a) | Cheer | b) | Move | c) | Put | d) | Throw |

21. John is very allergic to flowers. _____________, whenever he goes anywhere near roses, his nose starts to run, his eyes water, and he sneezes uncontrollably. a. However b. For example c. Furthermore d. In conclusion 22. Mary doesn't have a car. _____________, she has to take the bus. a. In addition b. In conclusion c. Therefore d. Nevertheless 23. Mary forgot her bathing suit. _____________, she can't go swimming today. a. In addition b. As a result c. In contrast d. For example 24. ---------- how long you've been using tobacco, you can still overcome your addiction to smoking.

a. Regarding
b. Although
c. No matter
d. However 25. All the soldiers had to take their masks with them --------- there was a gas attack.

a. because of
b. so
c. nevertheless
d. in case 26. George was ____________ tired to sleep. a. Two b. Not c. To d. Too 27. John scored higher on the exam __________ I did. a. Then b. As c. For d. Than 28. From your words, I can ___________ that you think he is guilty. a. Imply b. Most c. Much d. Infer 29. _____________ going to the amusement park tomorrow. a. They’re b. Their c. There d. Not 30. ----------------------= a person who installs or repairs electrical or telephone lines a. electric b. electricer c. electrician d. electricist

31. continue – (_____ = put an end to a state or an activity) a. Incontinue b. Discontinue c. Continuous d. continued

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