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Breast and cervical cancer are leading cancers among both low-income and minority women. This group of women are less likely to be screened for these malignancies. Early detection, early testing and education are the first line to prevention, decreases the concern for women’s health and improves quality of life. Soci-economics play a strong role in breast and cervical cancers in low-income minority women verses their counter parts. Every Woman Matters program was designed to assist low income women with the proper screening and prevention assistance for high risk disease such as breast cancer and cervical cancer. In this assignment I will discuss the program’s ineffectiveness, programs that work and suggestions on future programs that may be effective as it relates to women’s health.
Every Woman Matters
Every Woman Matters is a state run government supported program, intended to remove obstructions to preventive breast and cervical malignancy by raising awareness of its danger and making screening accessible to low-income women. Under this program many low income women ages 40-67 and who met the qualifications were able to receive multiple health screenings such as mammograms, breast exams and papanicolaou smear test at reduced or no cost (Backer et al., 2004). However, not only did it cover screenings for breast and cervical cancer it also provided screenings for other illness that affected women such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Ineffective Program
There were many obstacles that made the program ineffective. During the program, organizers wanted to change behaviors of the health care providers and their staff along with encouraging them to effectively participate in developing and implementing a plan to enhance patient care and positive outcomes. However, organizers were faced with resistance from staff as it related to added on workload, differences of professional and personal personalities with the primary health care providers and resources in which were used for the success of the program. Also some resistances come from the lack of a leadership role within the clinics. Some leaders were overextended and had other responsibilities, while others providers showed little interest in accomplishing any of the program’s goals (Backer et al., 2004).
Preventive Program that Advocates Early Screening Breast and Cervical Cancer Mortality Prevention Act of 1990 assisted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in developing National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP), in which over the past 20 years has provided free or low cost mammograms and Pap smear exams to low income women in all 50 states (CDC, 2014). Under this program women who are uninsured, underinsured and have low-incomes have access to early detection screenings for breast and cervical cancer along with other diagnostic services. The program eligibility provides cervical cancer screening for women 21-64 years of age and breast cancer screening for women 40-64 years of age. Underinsured and uninsured women who are at 250% of the poverty line are also eligible (CDC, 2014). As of June 2003, 2 million plus women had been screened with detection of 61,474 pre-cancerous cervical lesions and 1,157 cervical cancers under the NBCCEDP (Cooper et al., 2005). The success of this program comes with the work of the NBCCEDP organizers and the dedication and determination to provide prevention screenings for breast and cervical cancer. The program's proceeded with achievement has depended in large part on the complementary efforts of national organizations and state partners (CDC, 2014). New York State Department of Health Cancer Services Program (CSP) was started in April 1994 through 2012. This program is in place to oversee the delivery of detailed breast, cervical and colorectal malignancy screenings and diagnostic services to qualified uninsured and underinsured New York State residents through screening programs. Goal of CSP is to assist with access to screening services for underserved populations along with providing good quality of care for women of New York State. CSP offers mammograms to women 40 years of age and older and women from ages 20 and older for cervical cancer. In 2011-2012 program year a total of 467 breast cancer cases, 11 cervical cancer cases and 284 precancerous cervical dysplasia were identified and treated (NYSDOH, pg. 23). This program success was not only with screening but also with emotional support for family and individuals with newly diagnosed cancers. Though the program residence received assistance with coping with cancer withers it was legal, financial and or medical.
Strategies for Effective Preventive Program If I were the nurse leader in charge of developing a follow up for Every Woman Matters, I would propose strategies that would create a program that concentrates on community involvement and education outreach. Community communication and involvement are vital in assisting individuals with the assistance and knowledge to get screening. Breaking down barriers, beliefs and increase knowledge of the importance of breast and cervical cancer screenings is also a pivotal aspect in an effective preventive program and community outreach would help. Community programs depend on the participation of the community members therefore using educational material such as block parties, fliers, broachers and church involvement to deliver vital health care information as it relates to breast and cervical prevention and screenings. Other community education outreach used would be media outlets such as radio stations and social media outlets interventions can have a positive outcome for cancer prevention programs. Educational intervention targeting communities has the potential to increase knowledge and motivation for making informed decisions with respect to primary prevention and risk reduction options (Zeinomar & Moslehi, 2013).
Every Woman Matters program was put in place to assist low income, underinsured and uninsured women with assistance to breast and cervical cancer early screening through federal funding. Despite many barriers that the program faced there was an increase in significant number of screenings which were achieved.

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