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Evidence Based Policing

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Evidence-Based Policing

Evidence-based policing is the “use of the best available research on the outcomes of police work to implement guidelines and evaluate agencies, units, and officers” (Criminal Justice
Today). With evidence-based policing it is harder to be proven innocent for a crime that you committed due to the extent of evidence found at the crime scene that will match you to it because of all the latest technology. Evidence-based policing uses research in everyday police procedures to evaluate current practices and to guide officers and police executives in future decision making. In a discussion of evidence-based policing it is important to understand that the word evidence refers to scientific evidence rather than to criminal evidence. In the today’s policing, the evidence-based policing are gaining traction and has been called the single most powerful force for change. Leading the movement towards evidence-based policing are organizations like the FBI.
“The basic premise of evidence-based practice is that we are entitled to our own opinions, but not to our own facts. Our own facts or our own beliefs about the way things should be done often turnout wrong” (Sherman p.158 Criminal Justice Today).
There are some advantages and disadvantages of evidence-based policing today. Some advantages of evidence-based policing are that it is structured to help reduce the crime rate; it is also to help the structure of the law enforcers thinking and approach. Another advantage to evidence-based policing is that with the evidence it will give you a better judgment on how things were done and sometimes it will help you decipher who had any part in the crime.
Evidence-based policing helps the police to go after the right person and not the wrong person.
One important disadvantage of evidence-based policing is that policies...

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