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Evolution and Intelligent Design: Which Is True?

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Title: Evolution and Intelligent Design: Which Is True?

Introduction: * Controversial subject * Full into beliefs * Very political * Connection between Intelligent Design & Creationism

I. Background

A. Evolution is the scientific theory that all life forms on Earth today are descended from a single cell organism

1. Charles Darwin & Natural Selection

2. Genes carry the DNA codes for a evolutionary trait to be passed to the next generation

B. Creationists feel the need to attack the evolution theory to “free God from its shackles”

1. Evolution provides a meaningful explanation of the relationship of the Creator to man & animals

2. We are formed, by the Creator, from the dust of the Earth

C. Evolution is metaphysics

1. Something transforms into other things, but the process is unexplained

2. Breathing air, wings & fins are excellent examples

II. First Side- Evolution

A. Does not prove there is no God

1. May not be able to prove there is a higher power, can prove that a fish grew leg & walked on land

2. Provides the basis for the Creator’s work, macro to micro

B. Historical trials & their outcomes

1. Wesley Roberts-“A Struggle in Tennessee”

2. John Scopes- trial of religion & science

III. Second Side- Intelligent Design

A. The theory by Mr. Charles Darwin

1. No sufficient evidence to prove that one organism evolves into another

2. Evolution & Alchemy go hand-in-hand; catastrophe

B. Events in history that are unexplained must be explained by supernatural processes

1. Creationists want to beat down the U.S. Constitution’s separation of church & state to pave way for religion in school curriculums

2. The Bible is “the yard stick to measure every man’s intellect, to measure every man’s intelligence, to measure every man’s learning”...

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