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Evolving Nursing Practice Speech

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Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models
The Speech Hello, my fello nurses. Thank you for being here at the Summit of Nursing Evolution. My name is Chhay Yann-Ly and I am a nurse. We are living in an era where the United States (US) health care system is going through tremendous changes and challenges, with sky-rocketing health care costs, fragmented and poor quality of care, high volume of aging population, and passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in 2010. A summary of the PPACA is basically to improve the health care delivery system, expand coverage, and control cost (Democratics Senate Gov/Reform, n. d.). With these changes, comes the evolutionary nursing professional transformation process. This speech is a crash course on the evolving practice of nursing and patient care delivery models. The goal of this speech is to discuss the continuity or continuum of care in relation to accountable care organizations, medical homes, and nurse-managed clinics health care models. Since nursing is the backbone of health care, all of these care delivery models require a robust nursing contribution for success (American Nurses Association (ANA), 2010). The first model is the accountable care organizations (ACO). ACOs is a “shared savings” with Medicare (part A & B). The ACO, according to the ANA (2010), is “a collaboration among primary care clinicians, a hospital, specialists and other health professionals who accept joint responsibility for the quality and cost of care provided to its patients” (p. 2). The law in the PPACA gives some room in terms of who “ACO Professionals” can lead the ACO, permitting more nursing leadership participation. For the success of ACOs, the law focuses on seeking the value that is heavily reliant on nursing care and services, therefore providing nurses with more avenues for participation...

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