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accommodation accommodations

action replay instant replay

aerofoil airfoil

aeroplane airplane

agony aunt advice columnist

Allen key Allen wrench

aluminium aluminum

aniseed anise

anticlockwise counterclockwise

articulated lorry tractor-trailer

asymmetric bars uneven bars

aubergine eggplant

baking tray cookie sheet

bank holiday legal holiday

beetroot beet(s)

bill check

biscuit cookie; cracker

black economy underground economy

blanket bath sponge bath

blind (window) shade

block of flats apartment building

boiler suit coveralls

bonnet (of a car) hood

boob tube tube top

boot (of a car) trunk

bottom drawer hope chest

bowls lawn bowling

braces suspenders

brawn (the food) headcheese

breakdown van tow truck

breeze block cinder block

bridging loan bridge loan

bumbag fanny pack

candyfloss cotton candy

car park parking lot

casualty emergency room

catapult slingshot

central reservation median strip

chemist drugstore

chips French fries

cinema movie theater; the movies

cling film plastic wrap

common seal harbor seal

consumer durables durable goods

cornflour cornstarch

cos (lettuce) Romaine

cot crib

cot death crib death

cotton bud cotton swab

cotton wool absorbent cotton

council estate (housing) project

courgette zucchini…...

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... See how you do on the following questions. The particular page in this tutorial where the answers can be found is below each set of questions. Good luck! 1. What is the difference between the following terms: chromatin, chromosomes, DNA, gene. DNA, CHROMOSOMES AND GENES 2. What is a polynucleotide? 3. Diagram a typical nucleotide and name the three principle parts. COMPOSITION OF NUCLEIC ACIDS 4. Nucleosides differ from nucleotides in what way? 5. There are five Nitrogen bases in nucleic acids. Name them and group them according to their structure. Which of the five bases is found only in RNA and which base does it substitute? 6. Draw a ribose and a deoxyribose sugar side-by-side and highlight what makes them different. Identify the carbon atoms in your diagrams by their proper number. NUCLEOSIDES 7. Summarize the differences between DNA and RNA. NUCLEOTIDES 8. Between what two atoms do ester bonds occur? 9. What types of bonds join individual nucleotides WITHIN a single DNA strand? 10. What does the term "antiparallel" mean when applied to a DNA double helix? Why is this term necessary? 1. Draw a normal ladder and compare it to the structure of DNA. THE STRUCTURE OF NUCLEIC ACID CHAINS 12. What force holds the two halves of the DNA double helix together? 13. Explain what is meant by "Complementary Base Pairing" and don't forget to mention the numbers of hydrogen bonds involved! THE WATSON-CRICK MODEL: BASE PAIRING IN DNA 14. Diagram and explain the Central......

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