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CORPORATE LAW EXAM: strategies for revision
It is important to prepare a good set of revision notes to assist you in your preparation for the Corporate Law exam.
Please note that section numbers and page numbers may not be accurate. PREPARATION OF NOTES

Make your notes as user-friendly as possible. • Summarise the law; divide into relevant areas (eg. transactions with shares prohibited by the Corporations Law: share buy backs; financial assistance; capital reductions; indirect self-acquisition...) • Similarly, summarise the relevant sections of Legislation in each area (eg - what is a variation of class rights? See s 246C) • in any summary, cross reference it to the relevant page in your notes • Index your notes with table of contents or "Flags". Practice using your materials in exam-type conditions

When do the majority commit fraud on the minority in common law?

("An abuse of power whereby the majority secures an unfair gain at the expense of the minority") |Expropriation of company's property |Ratification of breach of directors' duty |Expropriation of members' property |
| | | |
|1. Wrong against the company [LH 554-555] |1. Wrong against the company [LH 555-557] |1. Wrong against minorty member [LH 557-558]|
|2. Cases |2. Gen meeting has a wide power to ratify |2. General rule - expropriation must be |
|Menier v Hooper's Telegraph Works: majority|directors who are in breach of duty REF: |justified REF: Gambotto v WCP Ltd altering |
|SH's resolved to wind up company and |Bamford v Bamford |constitution to compulsority acquire shares |
|transfer assets to another company they |3. What are the limits on...

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