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Examination Malpractice in Nigerian Sec Sch

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Examination Malpractice in Nigerian Schools: An Obstacle to Progress in Socialization in School Environment: Causes, Effects and Remedy

Department of English Cross River State College of Education, Akamkpa. Abstract This is a high level of interaction between the school and the society. There will be no school without the society and without the school, the society will not function well. It is the school that molds the society. The school helps to develop the society. It is through the school that the various aspects of culture are conserved and transmitted. Through the school, the society provides for itself, a formal system of education for satisfying the basic requirements for its existence. With all this, one expects the schools to be a very secured environment in which changes in behaviour can be facilitated. However, this is not always the case. Many obstacles have crept into the wheel of progress thereby making socialization to be impeded. In this paper, examination malpractice is looked at as a major social problem which constitutes an obstacle to progress in socialization in school environment.

When examinations are set, rules or a code of conduct which candidates must adhere to while participating in that examination are provided for. Principally, a candidate is not allowed to engage in any activity that will make the essence of the evaluation to be defeated. He/she is not allowed to take any material considered to be of advantage to him/her into the examination hall. He/she will also not solicit for any form of information from a colleague. Now a breach of any of the rules constitutes examination malpractice, or in other words, flouting the rules that govern the proper administration of an examination tantamount to examination malpractice. Despite their important role within the educational system, examinations have...

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