Examine the Ways in Which Laws and Social Policies Affect Family Life.

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Sociologist and political groups all have different views of social policies, some believe that they are a good way of achieving something and others see them as bad because they may only support one view point and not others. To start of here is the definition of a social policy; it is an action, plan or programme that the government puts in place that aims to deal with a problem or achieve a goal. These social policies are mainly based on laws, which provide the framework for agencies to follow.

The first social policy that will affect the family is marriage. There are different laws in place to discourage certain behaviour inside marriages, a few examples of these would be; marriages must be monogamous where only one person can be married to one person at one time, in the UK it is illegal to marry or have children with your brother/sister but is legal to marry and have children with your first cousin, etc. Laws like these would have an effect on a family as having an affair on your partner is illegal and therefore if this happens then the marriage may breakdown and may end up in a divorce.

Divorce is another social policy that will have an effect on the family. Divorce was granted legal in 1857 but it was very hard to get one up until the late 1960’s which made divorce become more popular as it was easier to declare. However, a divorce can only be granted if one of the following applies; Adultery – when one partner has a sexual relationship with another whilst in a marriage, unreasonable behaviour, two years separation if both partners consent, two years desertion or five years separation if one of the partners does not consent.

Divorce will have an effect on the family because, as feminists believe, women are normally granted custody of the children which means that the children will not have a father around all the time and may only see him on…...