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Examine Two Ways in Which Plastic Bags Contribute to Environmental Damage.

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Examine two ways in which plastic bags contribute to environmental damage.
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Module Code | FC501-2T | Group | Group A | Module Title | Skills for Study 1 Assessment | Type | Essay Assignment | Title | Examine two ways in which plastic bags contribute to environmental damage. | Tutor Name | Tatiana Wood | Student ID Number | T0022045 | Date of Submission | 28 Feb 2014 | Word Count | | Examine two ways in which plastic bags contribute to environmental damage.

We are surrounding by plastic. Think about every piece you touch in a single day: shopping bags, plastic cups, drink bottles. Plastic may be very convenient, but it is also harmful in many ways to environment. There are so many ways to damage environment such as general waste, plastic bags and pollution. Ultimately, plastic bags are the major issue of causing environmental problems since it is generating pollution according burning plastic bags would generate air pollution, and throwing rubbishes and general waste in the ocean would damage the living things in the sea.

According to above statement, millions of generate waste are generating each day causing tons of waste which contribute to environmental damage. As a result, this will lead to damage to living things and animals, as burning plastic bags will generate the harmful air pollution. Also, the place where is locating the rubbishes and plastic bags would not be able to use for other uses. For example, building house or planting.

As Tyler Lacoma, eHow Contributor, shows the academic opinion the material of plastic bags is based on polymers. It has divided to HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE are also made by fossil fuel. It is forming long chain of carbon and hydrogen atoms which hardly to resolve. As a result, this…...

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