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Examining Government Regulations

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Examining Government Regulations
The target population I will be examining is the elderly, the first issue is Ozone standards. Based on extensive scientific evidence about ozone's effects the EPA proposed to strengthen the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. This will improve public health protection especially for children and the elderly. The updates also will improve protection for trees, plants and ecosystems. The second regulation to examine is on (CCRC) Continuing Care Retirement Communities. A. CCAC as a Surrogate for Regulation, B. Benefits of Government Regulation, C. Drawbacks of Government Regulation. Continuing Care Retirement Communities are the best option for the elderly and long-term care. They are known for the strategy of having different levels of care in the community setting and the way they provide cost effective care. As they continue to grow and lose the bad reputation for being financially unstable more of our elderly are finding this option attractive. However not all of the elderly population can afford this option, because the cost is too high. The problem has drawn attention from in and outside the industry who want to make CCRC affordable to more of the elderly population. It is well-documented that America's older population is rapidly expanding. "Between 1990 and 2130 the elderly population is expected to double to 65 million people" (DHHS, 1992). As the baby-boomer generation gets closer to the age of retirement and as advances in health care increase the average person's life-span, concern over how to provide affordable, quality long-term care to the elderly with disabilities and chronic care needs will grow. CCRCs offer an option that appeals to many older individuals. Because this area of long-term care will most likely be playing a major role in the future, it is important to learn more about it. (Sanders, 1997) The cost for living in a CCRC community varies, because of the type of contract, size of the unit, care provided, and the geographic location. The cost can range from lows of $20,000 to around $400,000 and monthly from $200 to $2500. There are three types of contracts and prices may differ depending on the type of payment rental or equity. In many places efforts are being made to make CCRCs available to low income elderly. Some places are trying to provide low cost units by offering government subsidized housing. Some are housed in HUD apartments on CCRC campus. Presently, 35 states across the country have some form of regulation for CCRCs. These regulations, which came about mostly as a response to concerns raised by numerous bankruptcies during the 1980s, vary greatly in stringency. CCRCs are regulated in most states through health and consumer affairs departments. "Government involvement may take the form of measures designed to improve the ability of prospective residents to make informed decisions (e.g. consumer disclosure requirements), entry regulation (e.g. certification as a prerequisite for selling CCRC contracts), and measures to mitigate the adverse financial consequences to residents when bankruptcies actually occur" (Conover and Sloan, 1995:445). Reserve requirements are mandated in a few states. Qualifications for newly-forming CCRCs are also on the rise. For example, "regulations often require market and financial feasibility studies plus a substantial number of resident reservations for occupancy before permitting construction of a CCRC to begin" (Cassel, 1993:14). (Sanders, 1997) The benefits of government regulations is to make sure that at least 50% of the units are reserved before construction this is to insure that people are not spending their life savings without being protected. As regulation protects the financial stability of a CCRC, the quality of a residents surroundings may also be secured. "If any community is undercapitalized, or too small, or fails to project future costs accurately, its residents may suffer" (Consumer Reports, 1990:128). CCRCs that are in financial trouble often cut back on maintaining the grounds and extent of services within their community. After researching the regulations for better housing and better living for the elderly my conclusion is that there would be no obstacles to prevent me from meeting the needs of the elderly.

Examining Government Regulations
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