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Examining the Effects of Music on Memory

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Examining the Effects of
Music on Memory
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This experiment was designed to test the effects that classical music has on memory. Previous experiments have shown that the effects of music can be beneficial in work and school environments. Our hypothesis was that a group that is required to listen to classical music during a study would outperform a group who studied in silence. The participants were college students and were randomly assigned to two groups. The control group performed the experiment in complete silence, while the experimental group listened to classical music the entire time. Both groups were asked to examine a picture and memorize as much as they could for two minutes. Immediately after two minutes a short distraction film was played and a multiple choice test was given. The results were not statistically significant and our hypothesis was rejected. Methodological limitations and ideas for follow-up research are discussed.
Keywords: music, memory, memorize, distraction, test

Examining the Effects of Music on Memory

Memory is an area that sparks the interest of many scientists. Memory can be affected by multiple genetic and environmental factors having positive and negative influences on working memory function (Alley & Greene, 2008). Research has shown that if music is played to babies while in the womb, they possess recognition and memory recall of the music a year after being born (Johansen-Berg, 2001).
Separately memory and music have been investigated exclusively, resulting in a great deal of information known about the two subjects. When researched together, it is a combination that sparks interest and allows for more questions and investigation. A few areas that motivate researchers to continue investigating possible positive relationships between music and…...

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