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St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology
COM200 – Written Communication in the Workplace

Writing Assignment 2 – Proposal Project


By completing this assignment, students will learn to prepare a short proposal for an idea, product, or service. The assignment demonstrates the necessary components of short proposals and allows practice of persuasive writing techniques.


In this project, you will prepare a short proposal. The proposal will contain three main sections: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Suggestions for the content for each of the major sections of your proposal are provided at the end of these instructions.

Project Details

Prepare a proposal for an idea, product, or service. Your proposal will be delivered to a decision maker. Your proposal must be 500-800 words. Examples of proposals written by past students include:

* A recycling proposal for a Tim Hortons store, written by an employee * A new process for storing and picking parts for an auto parts manufacturer, written by a line worker * A proposal for a summer floor hockey league for the College, written by a student * A proposal for contributing left over restaurant food to the Downtown Mission, written by a Mission volunteer * A proposal to build a maintenance shed for a church, written by a parishioner * A proposal to perform basic landscaping duties for a business, written by a student looking for summer employment * A proposal to write a monthly newsletter for an employer, written by an employee * A proposal to a community centre requesting space to start a doggie daycare centre, written by a young entrepreneur

The writers of the above proposals had the necessary background on their subject matter to effectively provide proper background information, benefits, costs, and a work plan. Be certain you understand the scope and depth of what you are proposing. Whatever you choose to propose, be sure you have the relevant background knowledge to make the proposal realistic. You may need to perform some research to attain the necessary background information to make the proposal relevant and logical.

Note that in the examples of proposals above, the writer is offering to do something. The proposal that you write must contain an implementation plan for some idea, process, business, service, or product. Don’t confuse a proposal with an editorial or a letter of suggestion. The following examples do not meet the requirements of this assignment:

* A request for a donation to a charity * A letter to a politician suggesting that a new law is enacted * A letter suggesting something be done about global warming * A letter asking for a loan to buy a car * A letter asking someone for a favour

It is recommended that you write a proposal about something you are familiar with. However, if you are struggling for an idea, the textbook can help. Exercise 11 or 12 on page 441 suggest two different proposal ideas.

Your proposal will need to include the content discussed on pages 405-408 of your text. In addition to the resources presented in class and in your text regarding content for proposals, a brief description of short proposal content is provided on the last two pages of these instructions.


The format you choose for your report is dependent on the recipient of your proposal. If the recipient is a supervisor or another employee within your work environment, use a memo format to present the proposal. If the proposal is to be received by someone outside of your organization, use a formal letter to present your proposal. In either case, you must ensure you follow the proper format rules (see week 4 slides or Appendix A of your text).

How to Submit Your Proposal

Your project must be uploaded to Blackboard by the due date. The project must include a title page. Your title page must follow the format presented by the sample title page provided in the first writing assignment.

Sections in a Written, Proposal

Your proposal must include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The body of the report should be divided into clearly labeled sections. Suggestions for the content for each of the major sections of your proposal are provided below. The Introduction
The introduction can be more than one paragraph and should summarize the following: * a clearly presented description of the problem your proposal seeks to solve and its negative consequences * a brief statement of your proposed solution * a final cost of your solution (no details) * an overview of the proposal sections to follow
The Body of the Proposal
Provide a detailed description of your solution to the problem.
Use headings to guide the reader through the sections of your proposal.
The reader or readers of your proposal may ask the following types of questions: * Why should I/we do anything at all? * What will this project accomplish? * What exactly will be done, how will it be done, and when will it be done? * Who will do the work? * What equipment or materials will be required to get the job done? * Why should/we consider using your services, product, or idea? * What will happen after the job is completed? * How much will this cost?
Therefore, include sections in the body of your proposal to respond to these commonly asked questions. The sections of your proposal may address the following issues: * Establish the need for your solution. Clearly describe the discrepancy between "what is" and “what could be" if your solution were to be adopted. * Describe your approach. Explain the specific steps, stages or tasks of your solution in a straightforward sequence of events. If applicable, include a description of the equipment, material, and personnel that would be required.

* Present your timetable. Outline a realistic schedule for beginning and completing the project.

* Establish your qualifications. Where necessary, present the qualifications of yourself, your personnel or your firm. Why would the reader trust your service, product, or idea?

* Provide a breakdown of costs. Use a table or tabbed list to present a detailed breakdown of costs. Make it easy for the reader to find and read cost data.

The Conclusion In a brief closing section:

* emphasize the benefits of your solution * restate your doing the project * suggest a next step

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