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This is an Example of an APA Style Student Paper
Gregory White, Ph.D. National University

This sample paper provides National University students with an example of what features of APA style they are expected to use when writing student papers. The required features do not require several features required by APA style for papers that report original research or that propose a research project. Students who follow the guidelines embodied in this sample paper are much more likely to receive better grades from National University professors than those who ignore the guidelines. The guidelines in this example are based on the sixth edition of the Publication Manual (American Psychological Association, 2010).

This is an Example of an APA Style Student Paper This sample paper presents most elements of American Psychological Association (APA) style that your instructors will expect you to follow when writing papers for National University 9sychology courses (American Psychological Association, 2010). You will use this format for longer papers such as literature reviews, expository and narrative essays, as well as for shorter papers in which you are required to write just a few pages of commentary on some reading, assigned exercise, or class activity. In all cases your instructor will tell you if an assignment requires full APA style as outlined in this paper. In almost all cases, you should use appropriate grammar and syntax, as well as follow APA guidelines for gendered language (American Psychological Association, 2011b). Read this paper carefully as it presents examples of APA style that you are expected to follow in your own work. Your references, for example, should follow the style that is used in the References section of this paper. Much of APA style is meant for original research papers to...

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