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Fan Bases Fans are important for motivating their team and making it hard for opponents to play well, whether they are bandwagon fans, completely berserk, or almost non-existent. Loud, lively fans motivate their players to play better and make it a disadvantage for the opponents to play them. The Cameron Crazies of Duke Basketball are some of the most dedicated fans in basketball. For rivalry games, over a thousand Cameron Crazies camp for three months in Krzyzewskiville, or the makeshift city the fans make outside Cameron Indoor Stadium, just to get a spot for the game. They go to every game prepared with chants and have even made cheerleaders of the opposing team cry. Some television networks had to turn off the sound temporarily during the game because of the chants. Next, bandwagon fans only root for their favorite team when they are on a winning streak or have won a championship. After winning a NBA Championship in 2012, the Miami Heat was notorious for having the most bandwagon fans. It was especially obvious when fans walked out of Game Six in the 2013 NBA Finals a few minutes early and missed watching the Heat comeback for the win. With the 2013 NBA Championship win, they have the most bandwagon fans in basketball. Finally, some fans almost never attend any games. The Eastern Michigan Eagles have the lowest attendance in college football with the average of a sixth of the stadium being filled each game. More people show up to watch big time programs like LSU practice football in the spring than showing up to watch the Eagles play games in the fall. All these different types of fan bases make for a unique experience to watch a game for each team.

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