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Example of Financial Management Report

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Chapter I

1.1. Introduction

Chapter II

2.1. Liquidity Ratio 2.1.1 Current Ratio 2.1.2 Quick or Acid Test Ratio

1. 2. 3.1. 3.2. Asset Management Ratio 2. 3.1. 3.2. 2.2.1 Inventory Turnover Ratio 2.2.2 Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio 2.2.3 Days Sales Outstanding 2.2.4 Total Asset Turnover Ratio

3.3. Debt Management Ratio 2.3.1 Debt Ratio 2.3.2 Times-Interest-Earned-Ratio

3.4. Profitability Ratio 2.4.1 Operating Margin 2.4.2 Profit Margin 2.4.3 Return on Total Asset 2.4.4 Basic Earning Power Ratio 2.4.5 Return on Common Equity

Chapter III

3.1. Calculation 3.1.1 Liquidity Ratio 3.1.2 Asset Management Ratio 3.1.3 Debt Management Ratio 3.1.4 Profitability Ratio

1. 2. 3. 3. 4.5. 4.6. Trend Analysis




Pharmaniaga Berhad, the largest integrated local healthcare company has established the reputation of a corporation that delivers value to its clients and stakeholders through impeccable quality products and services. The Group is driven by its goal to enrich the lives of the communities it serves while being guided by its business philosophy of doing business with a conscience. Hence, this cover concept coupled with the theme aptly depicts the Group and its core focus. The clear sky in the cover portrays positivity while the green grass and flowers in bloom symbolize Pharmaniaga’s proven capabilities and continuous growth. Pharmaniaga Annual Financial Report consists of both for The Group and The Company. The Group is the sub-department for the company that is Pharmaniaga Berhad.

This report consists of three...

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