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Cases of Fraud in an Organization

In a non-profit organization of a university, the members let's call her Mrs. X served as chairman of a depertment within the organization, which is take care of and responsible for a work program that focuses on social activities that are the main focus not for profit, the source of funds provided by the university through a proposal which has been accepted and legalized fund its budget and has received the first disbursement of funds as much as 70% of 100% of funds approved by the university.
At the end of the year when Mrs.X asked to submit Accountability Report (LPJ), accompanied by evidence of transactions such as bill and receipts for the activities that have been completed, as evidence of the activities take place in accordance with the proposal that has been submitted or approved. But there is a problem on the evidence of transactions because most evidence of transaction already lost and the funds should be spent until depleted accordance with the budget proposal approved, but in fact not been spent . The consequences to be received that organization if was not fully spent, the funds are cutting funds for next year's activities.
Knowing the consequences that will be received, finally Mrs.X looking for ways to not cut funding for next year by looking for empty memorandum, the memorandum of a used, and receipts to make a number of budget proposals and LPJ same or balance. Mrs.X not work alone, but she was aided by her friend in gathering evidence and making evidence of transactions to be accepted by the university. After completion of LPJ finally submitted and accepted without reservation or escaped without revision, after receipt of LPJ then Mrs.X will receive final funding approximately 30% as the second disbursement after first disbursement approximately 70% at the beginning of the year. For excess funds that have been and will be accepted by Mrs.X will be allocated as a reserve fund or savings own department for activities next year or be used as debt repayment another department that in fact their activities have to cover the deficit and shortage of funds.

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