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Lecture name: Dr. Hisyam Subject: Research Proposal Submission Date: 18 August 2014 Title: Factor that influence services quality in the Islamic banking system in Malaysia

Student name: Tai Yen Ying Doris Student ID: Scm-014993 Course: Bachelor In Business Management

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1. Cover pages 1 2. Content 2 3. Abstract 3 4. 1.0 Introduction 3 5. 1.1 Research Background 3 6. 1.2 Problem statement 5 7. 1.3 Research Question 5 8. 1.4 Research objectives 6 9. 1.5 Significance of study 6 10. 1.6 Scope of study 7 11. 1.7 Dissertation Outline 8 12. 2.1 Introduction 8 13. 2.2 Defining topic 9 14. 2.3 Defining element in the framework 15. 2.3.1 Customer satisfaction 12 16. 2.3.2 Customer loyalty 14 17. 2.3.3 Customer perception 15 18. 2.3.4 Switching cost 16 19. 2.4 Theories 17 20. 2.5 Proposed Framework 19 21. 3.1 Introduction 20 22. 3.2 Research hypothesis 20 23. 3.3Research Equation 20 24. 3.4 Operational Definition 21 25. 3.5 Measurement 22 26. 3.6 Data collection 25 27. 3.7 Data analysis 27 28. Conclusion 28 29. References 29


This research is to determine the factors explaining the service quality in the Islamic banking system in Malaysia. Data collection is complete by using research questionnaire. The factors that affect the services quality of Islamic banking consists of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer perception and switching cost. In the research study the questionnaire will be…...

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