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Example of a Recording Contract

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Zachary Johnson
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Final Project
Due 12/10/2012
Music Recording Contract
This contract (the “agreement”) effective in the date of “0/00/0000”
True Records
Artist 1 ______________
Artist 2 ______________
Artist 3 ______________
Artist 4 ______________
Artist 5 ______________

Background: A. The Artist is a professional entertainer and recording artist known as “ Group” B. The Company is in the business of producing Master Recordings, or causing such Master Recordings to be produced as well as manufacturing, distributing and selling records directly through the third parties of choice. C. The Artist wishes the Company to produce Master Recordings of the Artist’s performances and market these Master Recordings. D. The Company wishes to produce and market the Master Recordings subject to the following terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions 1. The Term of this Agreement starts during the initial period of “Insert Date” during which the Artist and the Company will cooperate to produce Master Recordings suitable for the production of the Album or EP and will continue for twelve months after the delivery of the Master Recording to allow the Company time to manufacture, market and distribute the product in the Territory. 2. The Company has the right to extend the Term of Agreement after the Initial Contract Period on the same terms in conditions as the Initial Contract Period. If the Company fails to exercise its option to renew an Optional Period the agreement will be deemed to be completed and fulfilled. 3. With any additional option periods and extensions the Company will relate these as periods referred to as additional “Terms

Production 4. The company agrees to Produce Master Recordings consisting of songs written and performed by the Artist. The resulting recording will include music of not...

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