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Examples Of Conformity In The Crucible

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Conformity in The Crucible
We often hear about people of Middle Eastern descent being called terrorist at the airport and no one doing anything to stop that behavior, if you do anything people hate you. In our daily lives we face many decisions that are minor but affect our future. For example, do you go with the crowd and bully someone or do you attempt to do the morally correct thing and stand up to the bullying and face social harassment of your own? The Crucible, by Arthur Miller is a play about an affair between John Proctor and Abigail Williams and most importantly the Salem witch trials. Innocent people are being accused of witches for no reason and people blindly follow along, but John Proctor dies to go against the conformity. In …show more content…
Danforth is an individual with a lot of power. As a respected official Danforth must always initiate the truth even if it means to go against his personal agenda. Danforth’s personal agenda is essentially conformity to keep power. If he were to go against the town’s conformity he would be seen as a fraud and senseless judge, damaging his career. He obviously does not make the correct choice and keeps his reputation going thus keeping his position of power. He instead could have made the right choice and possibly lose his power, but he would still know that he saved the lives of innocent people. For him power was more important than the lives of his fellow community men this can be seen when he says, “postponement speaks a floundering on my part, reprieve or pardon must cast doubt upon the guilt of them that died till now (Miller 129). His moral decision came down to personal benefit vs the lives of others. His fate would have been effected because he would have lost power and authority. The riot would have displaced him from his authority, but doing the right thing would have made him advance morally. When the town over – Andover has a rebellion he knows he must vastly continue on with the executions or he risks losing power. Rev Parris says, “there will be faction here, feeding on the news… I fear there will be riot here”, after he hearing this news he wants the hangings to take place soon ; showing that he is afraid to lose is valued power. Judge Danforth. morally chooses the wrong thing to save his fate –

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