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Examples Of Peaceful Resistance

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Without peaceful resistance, there is no social change. Without social change, society remains constant. Peaceful protest most definitely is a necessity for change within a free society. Ultimately, without protest a society can not truly be free.
Peaceful resistance allows people to stand for their beliefs. The best example of this event comes from Mahatma Gandhi's peaceful resistance allowing him to make a difference without violence. Gandhi's view of civil disobedience showed that it was the purest form of constitutional agitation. He began the protest of British rule in India. When the British arrived in India, the began to collect sea salt from the sea close to India. If the Indian citizens wanted salt, they had to purchase it from the British and pay the high tax. After Gandhi heard of this news, he began peacefully protesting. His mass case of civil disobedience, which consisted of he and his followers marching and protesting on the British bay resulted in his arresting, yet the Satyagraha continued and the British rule was eventually removed. Gandhi stood for what he knew was right, however used peace to bring forth the change he desired.
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My brother attends University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and told me the story of this fall’s events at his campus. After the struggles of this year’s election, many members of a church decided to protest against gay freedoms and rights right outside of campus. Rather than resorting to violence or aggression, many gay students made the decision to stand in front of this resistance group and promote acceptance, peace, and positivity towards all sexualities. WIthout these people, passersby would not see both sides of this argument. We must balance ideas and opinions, so everyone can feel that they belong within society. No two people will have the same exact opinion, so it is vital that we are allowed to discuss as well as support our

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