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Examples Of Personal Characteristics

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Question 3: What are the personal characteristics that you believe are most essential in order for a therapist to be authentic and client centered?
According to Wampold (2010), authenticity refers to communication to the client that the therapist truly wants to know how the client is doing. While Rogers (1980) described client centered is primarily about relationship. He also shared that the more authentic the therapist is, the more they are engaged with clients and the more beneficial it will be for the client.
The first most essential personal characteristic is empathetic. An empathetic therapist will be able to understand him or herself in another person's situation and truly want to know how client is managing. It refers to the therapist’s
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The therapeutic alliance is partnerships where both therapist and client are agree on shared goals and work together on tasks which conceivably will produce a positive result. This alliance is built on acceptance, empathy and trust. Other than completing education and professional training, personal characteristics also serve as an essential part to work with client. I believe that some of my personal characteristics are assisting me while some other parts of my personal characteristics also obstruct my ability to work effectively with client in a therapeutic relationship.
Self-Awareness - I am aware of my own weaknesses and values so that I will not react defensively to what a client had disclosed to me. It is important to create a counselling atmosphere that is non-threatening not only for client but also for therapist. I will be able to facilitate and provide a relaxed atmosphere with higher self-awareness as I continually to develop self-awareness skills through acknowledging and in touch with my feelings, thinking and behaviours. As a result, I have a clear perception of myself and able to assess client’s needs at the same time. Crucially, therapist might experience difficulties in dealing with client or client’s presenting issue because he or she do not understand some aspects of him or
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One of the primary jobs as a helping professional often involves instilling hope in a hopeless client. The ability to instil sense of hope is important, it helps the client to develop strengths or reframe the issue. The effective therapist communicates hope and optimism, and believes that together the therapist and client will work successfully. This hopefulness is about the client can achieve the goals and myself - I can work successfully with this client. As a corollary, effective therapists mobilize client strengths and resources to facilitate the client’s ability to solve his or her own problems. By encouraging you to build upon personal strengths and suggesting skills that can overcome self-inflicted feelings of hopelessness, and develop a more positive

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