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Examples Of Suspense In And Then There Were None

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And Then There Were None: Suspense The novel, And Then There Were None, is a murder mystery written by Agatha Christie. In the story, ten guests were invited to Indian Island by an unknown person to ultimately be held accountable for past crimes that were beyond the court of law. Agatha Christie builds suspense in her story through the creative use of ominous setting, mysterious characters, and foreshadowing disastrous events. Agatha Christie creates suspense throughout the story with different elements of setting. In the dining room in the center of the table there are ten china figures resting on a glass stand. “In the center of the round table, on a circular glass stand, were some little china figures. “‘Indians.’” Said Tony. “‘Indian Island. I suppose that’s the idea.’” (Christie 29). Throughout the story one china figure is removed for every death of the characters creating suspense. In addition to setting, the author builds suspense through the use of characters. A hand that smelled like the sea touched Vera, scaring her. The narrator states, “She had heard something - surely she had heard something… And then, as she stood there, listening - a cold, clammy hand touched her throat - a wet hand, smelling the of the sea… Vera screamed. She screamed and screamed - screams of the utmost terror - wild desperate cries for help.” …show more content…
There are many instances of use of foreshadowing to create suspense. One example being after Mr. Rogers death Vera Claythorne made a prediction that the next death on the island would be through the use of bees. Vera said, “‘Do they keep bees on this island? Tell me that. Where do we go for honey? Ha! Ha!’” (Christie 144), Later she said, “‘...I know the whole thing by heart, I tell you! Six little Indian boys playing with a hive. And that’s why I am asking - do they keep bees on the island? - isn’t it funny? - isn’t it damned funny…?’” (Christie

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