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Examples Of White Feminism

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White Feminism: the Self-Appointed Savior of the World The movement of (Eurocentric) feminism has been superglued to its privilege ever since the term “féminisme” was first coined in 1837 (source). Marked by its relentless, unapologetic, prioritization of the voices of middle-class, cisgender, heterosexual, white women over the experiences of queer women, women of color (third world women) , transgendered women; the movement has become an obstacle for equal rights in the broader sense. While “white” feminism is absolutely vital today and has produced outstanding achievements for women in the Western world, the byproducts of its undeniable privilege has been detrimental, to say the least, to women of third world countries in particular. Western …show more content…
For example, the concept of family and the role women around the world carry in the …show more content…
Case in point, the constant badgering Rihanna receives from the media (E!, People Magazine, DailyMail etc.) when she opts for a bra-less attire. Repeatedly told by these “news” reporters that she should “Invest in a bra!” (DailyMail) or is “desperate for attention”. The pages turn, however, when white stars like P!nk pose topless for photoshoots. Suddenly, the attitude shifts from degrading a woman’s body to praising it for its statement of feminism. P!nk was greeted with overwhelming support, her picture talked about as a “statement and form of activism for women’s rights and a symbol of owning your sexuality.” (People Magazine). Again, Western feminism, with its racial tendencies, is establishing itself as the only “true” form of racism (Amos & Parmar).
Through interpreting the works of Spivak, Mohanty Parmar and Amos and reflecting these observations in the modern world, it is apparent that Western feminism is in fact, imperialistic and racist in its methods. This is not to devalue its cause nor to eradicate the need of feminism the West, but rather shed light on the voices that are silenced daily by this specific

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